FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH: Late-Summer 2017 Edition!


We are storming into the Ottobar on August 5th for SWEATY BRAWLS, which means…it’s time to refresh the wheel with some new, dangerous topics, from YOU, our fans!

How can you contribute to our favorite topic generator? EASY! Just reply in the comments – yes, we’re telling you to READ the comments for once! – and let us know what topics you want to see on the Wheel of Death.

The topics will be analyzed and sorted, with some edited for clarity and simplicity, but YOUR topics could make it into future SAF bouts!

PROTIP: Shorter topics work better! While “Godzilla Rollerskating While Eating A Banana Split” sounds fun, it’s very creatively limiting for our artists – both you and they know what you’ll see. But with a topic like “Fish Tank”, you could get the standard interpretation, or something crazier like a goldfish heading into war!

Keep filing these comments up, you have until Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017.

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14 Responses to FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH: Late-Summer 2017 Edition!

  1. Buzzlefett says:

    Hairy Potter
    Pot Luck
    The House Always Wins
    True True Blood
    Trash Knight
    Aquaman’s Bachelor Party
    Parks and Wrecked
    Leg Day

  2. Awesome Con Fan says:

    Sir Burps Alot
    Bat Vag
    Ghostbusters Nightlife
    Flying Dildos
    Ninja Starfish
    Gangsta Pokemon
    Captain Planeteers 2017 Edition
    Emo Sesame Street
    Halloween Power Rangers
    Surgery Fail
    Food Fight
    Zombie Fashion
    Odd Couples
    Afro City
    Autocorrect Fails
    Miracle Growth
    Snap Chat Filters
    Butt Buddies

  3. kimbachan says:

    Teenage Mutant Angsty Turtles
    Mime Academy
    My Little Felony: Friendship is Criminalized
    Covfefe Addict
    Flipper appendages
    Luke Sky-Johnnie-Walker

  4. Eb says:

    Black magic schoolbus

  5. sybil lowe says:

    Grunge Punk Grannies
    Steven Universe
    a whole lot of nopes

  6. Genevieve Fecteau says:

    Shark Week
    Doctor Mewtwo
    THOR: Fraggle Rock
    Pokémon GLOW
    John Snow White
    The Addams Family
    Don’t Cross the Streams
    SAF Babies
    THANOS: Hands of Fate
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Bread Makes You Fat?

  7. Current Jeff says:

    Future Jeff

  8. gblizard says:

    Your Dream Date
    Oops! All Spiders!
    Beatnik Invasion
    Barfin Rainbows
    Let’s find out who the real villain is!
    Meddling Kids
    In Like a Lion, Out like The Mooch

  9. mysterious benefactor says:

    Garage Rock
    Ska Mania
    Utensil Drama
    The Floor Is Lava
    Super Art Fight: The 20s
    Cars 4
    We Fought A Zoo
    Vikings of the Carribean

  10. sirmeep says:

    Praise Pepe
    Getting Schwifty
    Overwatched crap

  11. David says:

    Rick and 40s
    Baby Dragons
    Skin Diseases
    Helpful Suggestions from Twitch Chat
    Michael Bay’s Strawberry Shortcake

  12. Pork Rembrandt says:

    Court Appointed Guardians of the Galaxy
    In the THICC of it
    Nover? Damn near killed her!
    Street Meats
    Air Beef
    Dulce de Lucha
    Orc Hipsters
    Hot Sauce Emergency!!!
    LEGO Hitman

  13. Annie says:

    Jesus on a motorcycle
    Motorboating Queen Elizabeth II
    Spooky action at a distance
    Q*Bert’s sexual fetishes
    Crying Breakfast Friends
    A Derby Full of NyQuil
    Hanson B-sides
    Little Known Facts About the Yeti
    Two Goats in a Blender
    Hiking in Hell
    Yoga with Guliani

  14. Buzzlefett says:

    Welcome Back Potter
    Chronic the Hedgehog
    Make an Omelette
    Food Court is in Session
    The Room Where it Happened
    Throne of Games
    Pizza Huns
    Killer Tofu
    Dan Quayle-Man

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