SWEATY BRAWLS: Noguchi / Stormsketch II To Main Event!

Last month, Washington DC was home to Awesome Con 2017, an incredible nerd convention which also was home to an incredible Super Art Fight live event!

While the show saw the debut of SAF Idol finalist The Corrigator and the continued rise of The Bra’lers, the match everyone was talking about was the main event, pitting a non-defending Super Art Fight Champion, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi against SAF Idol 2017 runner-up, General Stormsketch.

In one of the most ridiculous, silly, and insane main events in SAF history, General Stormsketch shocked the world by having his hand raised in victory, defeating the thus far undefeatable champion, Jamie Noguchi.

With the August 5 return to the Ottobar looming in the wings, as we present Sweaty Brawls, it was clear that only one bout could headline, as we pair these two once again…and this time, THE TITLE IS ON THE LINE!

Live in Baltimore, it will be…


Will Jamie Noguchi continue his incredible third SAF championship reign? Or will the 2017 class of artists grab their first championship? Find out for yourself, live at the Ottobar on August 5th – tickets are on sale NOW!

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