SWEATY BRAWLS: Former Partners Collide!

In March 2016 – a tag team took Super Art Fight by storm.

By September of that year – they were no longer together.

And on August 5th, at the Ottobar, as a part of SWEATY BRAWLS, we’ll finally get to the bottom of what happened the only way we know how – through hot-blooded Super Art Fight competition.

That’s right, it’s going to be…


Fans have wondered since The Valkyrie made her return, what would happen when she crossed paths with her former Team Thundercat team mate, The Lioness. And we will see on August 5th, as The Lioness, aka Stabby Abby, now the leader of SAF’s resident girl gang, The Bra’lers faces off with her one-time ally, one-time co-champion, and they figure out what exactly happened.

It’s sure to be an emotional throw down in Charm City. Get your tickets for this one – and stay tuned to our YouTube channel this week, as we release exclusive comments from Stabby Abby about the match!

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