[Sweaty Brawls] Super Art Fight Smack Talk Videos!

Hello and good afternoon, Super Art Friends!

As we prepare for our show, Sweaty Brawls tomorrow, August 5th at the Ottobar, our artists had some fighting words for each other. A lot of them seemed pretty dang serious! So for those who haven’t been following along on the Super Art Fight YouTube, here’s a little bit of who’s smack talking who.

Chris James Scott, aka General Stormsketch came hard out of the gates, calling out Jamie Noguchi. Stormsketch is joining us once again from Cardstock to claim (what he believes to be) his right to the Super Art Fight Championship Belt. Here’s what he had to say.

And surprisingly enough, Our Angry Zen Master has been pretty quiet. We haven’t gotten a response, but maybe he’s saving his fighting for on the canvas.

Next, Stabby Abby reminded us of a time before the Bra’lers, when she was the Lionness. But Gloria left her, and that may mean some destruction for Gloria? We’ll see.

Jamie “The Judge” Baldwin was there for her Bra’ler and wants to remind us all of the importance of supporting ya girls.

Newcomer Stevie Speed isn’t joining us on stage this weekend, but he’d like you all to know that he is here, ready to be back in the action, and knows what good tires are.

Next up, your (self proclaimed) favorite Art Fighter, 2 Drink Alex claims that The Red Menace (Red Erin & El Russo Rojo) gave him vodka, which he just doesn’t do.

El Russo Rojo disagrees; vodka is for everyone, and all purposes! You can check out the many ways vodka can be used in this informative video.

Meanwhile, our sweet, naïve Red Erin believes that this is a case that needs to be cracked, and she’s on it!

Finally, Shoujo A Go Go has some ways to stay healthy, and make your salads more enjoyable!

Altogether, our artists really kicked some butt putting these videos together, and we’re excited to see how it all pans out. Join us tomorrow, Saturday August 5th at the Ottobar for Sweaty Brawls!

Bonus: check out this old as heck promo that was made way back when! You can see more older videos like this on our YouTube!

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