SWEATY BRAWLS: All the Results from This Saturday’s Crazy Show!

This past Saturday night, we at Super Art Fight had the honor and pleasure of returning to Baltimore’s own Ottobar, in front of a (literally and figuratively) hot crowd in a steamy August night for Sweaty Brawls!

It was an intense, insane, and absolutely ridiculous night in Charm City, and if you missed it, here’s what went down.

BOUT #1: The Valkyrie defeated her former teammate Stabby Abby

The drama was felt in the Ottobar from the first bout, as the ex-tag champions collided in the same building where they first won their titles.

While The Valkyrie has the official victory, after the match, Stabby Abby lived up to her name, stabbing her opponent (and ex-best friend) in the gut with a knife. You have to believe that this is far from over!

BOUT #2: Old Man Prindiville & Shoujo-A-Go-Go defeated The Smartest Team in Art Fight (Charm City Shinobi PhD & Dr. Professor Hemoglobin MDLMNOP)

In a night of upsets, this was the first, as the “Opposites Attract” duo of the grumpy Prindiville and the magical Shoujo-A-Go-Go pulled out the victory over the fan-favorite Smartest Team in Art Fight. Chances are, this is not the last we will see of the mismatched duo!

BOUT #3: The Red Menace (El Russo Rojo & Red Erin) defeated 2 Drink Alex & Baron Von Sexyful to become the NEW Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles

The upsets continue, as the rogue Russian duo of Red Erin and El Russo Rojo rose to the top and took down the seemingly undefeatable (and always unforgettable) duo of 2 Drink Alex & Baron Von Sexyful. With nearly a year reign ended, all eyes are now on The Red Menace, and the Tag Team division has completely been shaken up!

MAIN EVENT: General Stormsketch defeated Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi to become the NEW Super Art Fight Champion

Words can barely describe the main event bout. In a night full of gimmicks, silliness and insanity, Stormsketch and Noguchi kept it on the canvas and all about the competition with an absolute barnburner of a main event. The elder statesman Noguchi’s third reign ends with the new generation of SAF artists (courtesy of the 2017 SAF Idol class) rising high and taking their first title, as General Stormsketch gets to bring the title home to the principality of Cardstock.

One must wonder, though – what about the SAF Idol 2017 winner Mistress Doomcannon? With a victory over Stormsketch in the books – is she next in line for the title? Will we see Baron Von Sexyful back in the singles world? Can 2 Drink Alex turn his tag team success into a solo championship run? It’s going to be an interesting rest of 2017 for Super Art Fight, for sure.

As always, we thank those who came out to the Ottobar this past Saturday night, and we look forward to returning to Baltimore in the near future!

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