PHILLY: Big Time One-on-One Collision Set!

At Sweaty Brawls, a changing of the guard happened for both the Super Art Fight Championship and Super Art Fight Tag Titles, radically changing the landscape of SAF in just one night.

In both instances, long-running, fan-favorite champions were ousted, to the shock and surprise of many.

On October 21st, when Super Art Fight INVADES Philly, two newly title-less artists will collide, with the intent to raise their profiles and get back on the winning track.

It will be…

”The King of Brush Style” Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi vs. Two-Drink Alex

Can the co-creator of Super Art Fight work his way back toward a record setting FOURTH SAF Championship? Or will the life of the party, Two-Drink Alex, prove that he’s worthy of solo gold?

Find out at the Boot & Saddle on October 21st. Grab your tickets today!

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