On Friday Night, December 15th, for the first time ever, Super Art Fight UNLEASHED will be hitting the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland.

This is not our traditional show, by any means. As you know by now, SAF Unleashed designates a completely ridiculous, adults-only live event, complete with topics suggested from the cards of Cards Against Humanity, the amazing card game (and sometimes potato chip manufacturer.)

In addition, for this night, the Ottobar will be arranged in a seated environment, allowing for you to kick back and relax as we create hilarious filth before your eyes.

Additionally, our lineup is less “bouts” as you’re used to, more “pairings”, as our artists collaborate more than compete in an attempt to blow your mind in Charm City.

Plus, if that weren’t enough, we’ll feature Burlesque performances between bouts!

So, with that, what’s the plan?


On December 15th, the following pairings will hit the Ottobar stage for unique collaborative canvases:

  • Super Art Fight Champion Killer Colleen & Jamie The Judge
  • Two Drink Alex & Baron Von Sexyful
  • The Corrigator & Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • The Valkyrie & Charm City Shinobi, PhD


We’re excited to bring burlesque along with us to the Ottobar on December 15th, and we’re featuring one of our long-time favs along with a performer making her SAF debut!

We’ve got Reverend Valentine joining us once again!

Reverend Valentine is a DC-based burlesque performer. She has been performing since 2007 where she made her burlesque debut at the Palace of Wonders and has been non-stop at it up and down the East Coast ever since. Known primarily for her comedic wild and wacky routines where she has earned the taglines “The irreverent Reverend Valntine” and “Master of the confusion boner” she still can heat up the stage with her classic burlesque stylings as well occasionally getting back to her roots as a belly dancer.

She can be found on Facebook here.

Joining her at Super Art Fight UNLEASHED will be Delilah Dentata!

Have you ever had confusing pants feelings? Weren’t quite sure if what you saw was hot or… not?  If that’s your thing (and it obviously is), Delilah is the girl for you. Delilah is a burlesque performer who has horrified and delighted audiences by doing her (weird) thing on stages all over the Midwest and mid-Atlantic. She has performed at Dr. Sketchy’s, taken her cheesiest act to the 2017 Michigan Burlesque Festival (that’s a pizza pun, obviously) and tickled funny bones at Naked Girls Reading. She is a proud member of the DC Gurly Show, DC’s oldest queer burlesque troupe, and thanks them for the opportunity to begin performing.

She can be found on Instagram here, and Facebook here.


This sounds like a great show, right? Well, good news! Tickets are still available now at, just $15 as always!

The time is approaching ever closer – get ready and strap in, it’s SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED, Live at the Ottobar!

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