The Ninth Time is the Charm, as SAF NEO Returns to Twitch THIS SATURDAY!

The fun continues with the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe as we return to Twitch this Saturday Night, August 8, 2020 to continue the Never Ending Off-Season, as, that’s right — it’s the 9th edition of Super Art Fight NEO!

The fun continues as we finally have the long awaited Pixelweight championship match, and that’s just one third of a great card which is sure to rock your world this Saturday.

What’s going down? Check it out.

Stevie Speed (1-2) vs. Bunny (1-2)

Identical records lead to a first time throw down between two of SAF’s most unique competitors. Legally required due to our last minute call to sponsor Supra Cola during SAF NEO 8, Stevie Speed intends to race to the winner’s circle this Saturday Night, but he faces a challenge unlike any other, as the surreal and space faring Bunny once again appears from across the cosmos to tackle the SAF canvas.

DIETANIUM (2-5) vs. ???

Booking a live event is fun, gang. You never know what will happen. And as we write this, even we don’t know who DIETANIUM is facing. Are we joking? Is this just a clever promotional ruse? Find out on Saturday!

SAF Pixelweight Championship: Red Erin (5-0-1) Defends Against Rave Royale (3-1-1)

FINALLY, this match will take place. FINALLY, there will be a winner. Unless the fine utility workers of Baltimore, MD find a way to yet again remove the Internet from Rave Royale’s neighborhood, we will settle the score THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, Live on Twitch!

Join the fun! Join the chat! Vote away! Be a part of the excitement as Super Art Fight returns to Twitch Saturday Night at 8pm Eastern for SAF NEO 9!

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