Super Art Fight RETURNS TO THE STAGE as a Part of OTAKON 2021

Kept you waiting, huh?

Super Art Fight has broken from the screen and is coming back to you LIVE from the anime extravaganza that is Otakon!

Bursting from Baltimore, no longer grounded by the virus that tried to tire us, get ready to crush that Natty Bo empty, trade your Old Bay for cherry blossoms, and cheer for the grand return to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington DC this summer, August of 2021!

Pushing the barrier of our lucky 13th year of operation, SAF has not one, not two, but THREE events to get your feet stomping, your hands clapping, and markers soaking wet for two days of absolute mayhem and artistic revelry!

Friday night! August 6th! 8pm! Panel 1!

You will divide your life in a “before and after” when you see what we have in store! Six of the most ruthless cartoonists cross pens across paper to mark their territory. Details pending. These matches are so fresh, you’ll have to nail them down to your plate!

And, as usual, your announcers are Marty and Ross, describing the indescribable, uncovering the unrecoverable, and piercing the quiet pauses with raconteur that will leave you saying, “I wish I had said that!”
We are ALSO live-streaming this event for the bunker-bound homebodies! Details soon.

You didn’t awaken until past noon on Saturday? There is still time to shower, change cosplay outfits, and get a good meal in before getting comfortable watching your favorite artists battle it out over a card game that will make MTG look like DOA.

Saturday, August 7th, 3:15pm in Panel 5! Let’s Play: CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE!

Based on our equally impressive Super Art Fight live show, this hilarious party game for artists of all skill levels has players create drawings based upon classic Art Fight topics like MASHUP SUPER HEROES, AWKWARD TEEN MONSTERS, or MAJESTIC FACIAL HAIR. Players selected from audience! The Ref chooses a topic. Everyone else draws that topic. They present and defend the results, and the Ref chooses a winner. A game of strategy and wit, watch contestants out-think and out-draw their opponents, but be prepared… it’s gonna get stupid weird!
Even better, there is a take-home version of the game, on sale at our dealer’s table, from our online store, or wherever obscure cursed artifacts are traded and sold.

You ever think to yourself, “I like Super Art Fight, but I also like the mature atmosphere of a fine ripple wine served out of a pager bag during a parliamentary riot on a moonless night?” Then, have we got the show for YOU!

Saturday night, August 7th, 10pm, Panel 2! Super Art Fight UNLEASHED

The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe performs blue in an 18-or-older event that will shock a congressman! The Worst of the Wheel of Death collides with the Best of our Artists! The topics are mature, but the artists are immature! The announcers, Marty and Ross, aren’t sure. It’s like the SAF your parents approved of, turned up to 10, and turned down for what! Nothing is sacred. Corruption is rampant. We will sully the media you hold most dear. Ages checked at the door! Put the kids to bed and leave them with the sitter.

Not enough Super Art Fight fun?

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