What Is Super Art Fight?

Self described as The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known UniverseSuper Art Fight started almost by accident, and has grown into an amazing, national touring event which leaves audiences blown away in their wake.

Birthed live on stage by accident during an “Iron Artist” event at Katsucon in February 2008, Super Art Fight quickly grew into an independent live event in their home base of Baltimore, Maryland.  The event serves as a surreal mixture of live art, pro-wrestling style characters and storytelling and a dash of hilarious, improvised commentary, which makes for a show unlike anything else in the world today.

Having performed in front of crowds all across the United States at conventions such as Katsucon, Otakon and Connecticon, in addition to their self-produced live shows in punk rock and comedy clubs, Super Art Fight provides a unique form of art based entertainment which is perfect for your convention, live event or venue.

The Rules of Super Art Fight

So now you know how awesome Super Art Fight is – how is a Super Art Fight contested?

After a series of bouts, we’ve finally settled on a set list of rules, which appear below.

  • All Bouts are to have a 25 minute time limit.
  • Prior to each bout, each participant (or team) is given a starting topic, which they must begin their piece with.
  • Over the course of the bout, each participant is given a new topic at the 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute increments randomly chosen by the WHEEL OF DEATH, a topic generator featuring topics from you – the fans!
  • Each artist (or team) has one “re-spin” per bout, allowing them to reject a submission from the Wheel of Death and get a new topic. However, this may turn the audience against the artist (if they reject a popular topic), so artist’s beware!
  • Participants are allowed and encouraged to “attack” each others art, either by completing a piece left unfinished by their opponent(s) or subverting it with their own artistic additions.
  • TAG TEAM RULE: A clear tag must be seen by the referee. After the tag, both team members have a 5 second countdown to “double team” the canvas.
  • TAG TEAM RULE: The final 2 minutes are a “free-for-all”. All participants are allowed to draw at once.
  • The winner is chosen by the audience. Loudest cheers = the winner!