Get Ready for Super Art Fight to invade AWESOME CON 2018, Next Weekend!


Next weekend, Super Art Fight returns to Awesome Con in Washington DC!

Having been a part of Awesome Con since its inception, we're incredibly excited to return once again, and we have a full weekend planned, with Super Art Fight UNLEASHED on Friday (8pm - Room 202A), SAF proper on Saturday (2:15pm - Room 207ABC), and a live play-test of CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE on Sunday (2:30pm- Room 203AB).

While we will be keeping the lineups for UNLEASHED and the Play Test secret, we wanted to give you the full lineup for our Saturday event, which has some HUGE matches, which could lead to serious ramifications in Super Art Fight shows moving forward!


Since the loss of the SAF tag titles last August, BARON VON SEXYFUL and TWO DRINK ALEX have - independently - blamed the other for the tag title loss. At AWESOME CON, these one time friends will throw down in a big-time grudge match to settle the score! With TWO DRINK ALEX now holding the SAF Title, you have to think a victory here could put the BARON back in line for a Super Art Fight title shot!


This January, Super Art Fight kicked off 2018 with a debut at UNION STAGE, one of the coolest new venues in Washington DC. And we kicked off that show with crowing brand new tag team champions, in TEAM STORMMMASTER, the pairing of GENERAL STORMSKETCH and ANGRY ZEN MASTER. No stranger to AWESOME CON, this duo faces a heck of a challenge, as for the FIRST TIME EVER, a Super Art Fight title is defended at a convention show, as the new champs come face-to-face with the wizardry of the time-displaced Periwinkle, and the ennui of the over-it Princess of Darkness


In another Super Art Fight first, two fan-favorite fighters throw down at AWESOME CON with a major opportunity in front of them. When THE VALKYRIE and SHOUJO A-GO-GO collide, it won't just be for bragging rights, oh no! With the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY match, the winner gets to pick a title shot, for whichever title they want, WHENEVER they want! This could be HUGE!

From throw downs with Noelle Stevenson to the ridiculous sentai battle of General Stormsketch and the Angry Zen Master, AWESOME CON is full of great Super Art Fight memories.

Next weekend, we intend to bring a few more to life. Join us, won't you?

Super Art Fight To Join FIRST-EVER Universal FanCon in Baltimore, MD!


On April 27th, 2018, Baltimore, MD will be home to a unique convention for fans unlike any other - and we're proud to announce Super Art Fight will be a part of it - the first ever Universal FanCon!

Emanating from the Baltimore Convention CenterUniversal FanCon describes itself as follows:

Universal FanCon is the first large-scale, 24-hour, inclusive event that celebrates the diversity of fandom and the diversity of fans. With its broad range of attendees, celebs, and unique experiences – and its engaging, interactive festival atmosphere — FanCon is the place for everyone who is a part of the true fan universe.

For us at Super Art Fight, when we were approached to be a part of the event, we moved quickly, as we agree - fandom is for everyone, and to bring our specific type of mayhem to this show would be an absolute honor and a pleasure.

Super Art Fight will be there ALL weekend long, and we're excited to bring a Super Art Fight event, a Super Art Fight Unleashed event, and a play-test of CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE to the show, so we hope if you're in the DMV region, you'll join us!

For more on Universal FanCon, head to their website at or grab yourself some passes today!

Super Art Fight Celebrates TEN YEARS, June 1st at the Ottobar!


June 1st 2008.

The Ottobar.

Baltimore, Maryland.

The Ottobar's upstairs was home to a unique live event, pitting two artists against each other, drawing competitively across a giant canvas.

June 1st 2018.

The Ottobar.

Baltimore, Maryland.

The Ottobar will be home to a celebration like no other, as Super Art Fight celebrates TEN YEARS of absolutely insane, ridiculous, and unforgettable live events with a massive show.

From our humble beginnings in the Ottobar's upstairs, we've been able to travel all across the United States and into Canada, playing huge conventions, intimate events, and creating memories everywhere we go.

We mark a decade where it all began, and we hope you will join us live and in person.

The show will feature four bouts, featuring our incredible artists with their ridiculous personalities - if you've ever come to a Super Art Fight show, even if it's been years, we open our doors back to you.


If the fun of celebrating our 10th Anniversary wasn't enough, our 10th Anniversary Show will also feature a live performance from Baltimore's own Cowabunga Pizza Time. Having shared the stage with artists such as Peelander-Z and MC Chris, they present an energetic, ridiculous, and absolutely fun live show - just like us. It was a natural combination.

Tickets for our Tenth Anniversary Show are on sale NOW, and you can get them via the button below.

See you on June 1st, Baltimore!

The Kickstarter for CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE Is Now LIVE!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 3.22.38 PM.png

The Kickstarter for our long-awaited Party Game, Cute Animals On Fire is officially live on Kickstarter!

From now through April 10th, you have the ability to back the production of our super cool, super fun, super easy to play card game, designed for well - anyone who can hold a pencil!

You can get a copy of the game for as little as $15 ($10 digital), but remember, we don't get any of the money if we don't hit our goal!

For details on our stretch goals, other reward tiers and so much more, click the button below!

EDIT: So, we pre-wrote this yesterday in advance of a big push for the card game today. 

We're already at 100%. You, the Super Art Fight Army, are the goddamned best.

Let's see how big this can go, how many stretch goals we can hit, and how much fun we can have through April! CLICK THE BUTTON!

CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE, The Super Art Fight Card Game, Hits Kickstarter MARCH 6!


We're incredibly excited to announce that the long-awaited Super Art Fight home game, an easy to carry, easy to share, unbelievably delightful card game titled CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE will arrive on Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, March 6th!

Featuring artwork from the entire Super Art Fight roster, and topics from our amazing Wheel of Death, CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE brings the fun of Super Art Fight home as you and your friends can try to out draw each other in a game of artistic supremacy!

But don't worry - you don't need to be GREAT at drawing to be GREAT at CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE - each round is designed for artists of all skill levels and ages to get in on the fun.

We've got a great Kickstarter campaign planned, including some great stretch goals (adding additional cards to the deck), but what we need is your support!

You came out en masse to help us test it live at MAGFest in January, you've supported us for ten years, and now let's make a great card game...together.

CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE hits Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, and we'll be sharing the link here on and across our social media on Tuesday morning.

Super Art Fight to Make PAX EAST Debut


For years, fans have asked...

When will you be at PAX?
Why aren't you at PAX?
How can we get you at PAX?

Good news, you can stop asking, as Super Art Fight makes its PAX debut as a part of PAX East in Boston, MA on Friday, April 6, 2018.

Appearing with a special one bout card, our show will be at 8:30pm in the Bumblebee Theatre.

The show itself will be a collision of SAF veterans, as two of the best to ever do it, Angry Zen Master and Baron Von Sexyful collide.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your enemies friends, and lets stack the room full of people so that this first time at PAX is not a last time at PAX.

Super Art Fight debuts new website!


Celebrating 10 years of Super Art Fight action, The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is proud to reveal a brand new website, hosted on Squarespace!

Designed to be a streamlined hub for live event information, fans can quickly and easily look at upcoming dates, see photos of the SAF roster, and in the not-too-distant future, purchase merchandise!

Fans are advised to continue to follow Super Art Fight across social media, including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for breaking news and bout announcements as events get closer to showtime.

If you prefer an easier to read digest, you can sign up for our mailing list as well, via MailChimp.