Tag Team Title Collision Live in Charm City!


Looking at how the card for Thanksgiving Thrashing has lined up so far, we’ve got a little bit of everything.

Exciting debuts, once-in-a-lifetime moments, a surreal musical guest, an intense main event.

But there was one thing missing: a tag title match.

Gods and Monsters (Stompadon and Wisteria) have decimated everyone who have stepped in their way since their debut at MAGFest 2019’s Tag Team Gauntlet, and it allowed them to gain the SAF Tag Titles along the way.

That said, there are some duos still hurting from their loss at that Tag Team Gauntlet who want an opportunity to show the world how great they can be.

And there are no two artists in the SAF roster who believe they are great than these two.

One’s a male model who is all about himself. The other is a race car driver who cares only about money and sponsorships – and the potential money and sponsorships which can be brought about by a Super Art Fight Tag Team Title.

They’re Baron Von Sexyful and Stevie Speed, and on November 15th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, they’re going to go for tag team gold.


Super Art Fight Tag Team Title Match:
GODS AND MONSTERS (Champions) vs. SEXDRIVE (Challengers)

Only one way to see this match, along with the rest of the card - join us live. Grab your tickets below.

Double Debuts in Charm City on November 15th!

Last week, we announced two amazing matches for our return to Baltimore, Maryland, our first-ever Thanksgiving Thrashing, as both DIETANIUM and Rave Royale are given the opportunity of a lifetime, as they face each other at the top of the show, for a shot at General Stormsketch and his SAF title in the main event of the evening.

That’s not all you’ll be seeing, of course, as we have TWO debuts to happen on the show.

First thing’s first - the 2019 SAF Tryouts crew ads another, as our locker room now needs to watch their backs, as a master thief has pilfered her way into Super Art Fight. But, she’ll face an incredible challenge, as she takes on a multi time Super Art Fight Champion and Super Art Fight Tag Team Champion.

It will be…



But that’s not all!

We’ll also see the debut of a very special musical guest, as for the first time ever, SAF legend Baron Von Sexyful will show you the musical side of himself (as opposed to the other sides, which we see quite a bit of).

He, along with his bandmates Sexyfool and Sexycool will hit the Ottobar stage for the first ever live performance from…



To get a taste of what Sexyful will bring to the stage on November 15th, you can check them out on Bandcamp, here.

It’s two more additions to an already stacked card - you KNOW you want to join us live in Baltimore! Get your tickets today!

SAF Rookies Look to Level Up, NOVEMBER 15th in BALTIMORE!


Coming out of Autumn Assault in Washington DC, one thing was clear - a new generation of Super Art Fight talent was ready to make a statement.

With all eyes on our Ottobar return on November 15th, we knew that this flame of excitement had to turn into a full-blown wildfire - and in turn, we’re taking two undefeated artists - both of whom have won bouts against SAF legend Baron Von Sexyful - and giving them the opportunity a the lifetime.


That’s right, in Baltimore, these artists will have something to be thankful for, as Rave Royale and DIETANIUM will collide one-on-one for the first time, with the winner getting a Super Art Fight title shot!

…about that title shot, though.

It’s going to be a true Monkey’s Paw situation, as the winner of the bout (which will kick off Thanksgiving Thrashing) will face General Stormsketch for the Super Art Fight title…in that same show’s main event.

Best of luck in Baltimore, Rave Royale and DIETANIUM. Hope you survive the experience.

Want to see it all live? Get your tickets below.

Tickets for Our Ottobar Return, On-Sale...NOW!


Earlier this week, we announced our return to Baltimore, MD’s Ottobar for Friday, November 15th, as we present our first ever Thanksgiving celebration with Thanksgiving Thrashing.

We have incredible plans for the show, including a very special feature act, but if you want to lock in your attendance early (and we do recommend it!), you can pick up your tickets NOW via the new exclusive vendor for Ottobar tickets, Eventbrite!

Just click the big button below and lock in your attendance for November 15th! Then, stay tuned to SuperArtFight.com as we reveal all the awesome details. SEE YOU SOON BALTIMORE!

Super Art Fight RETURNS to the Ottobar in Baltimore, NOVEMBER 15!


Once again, The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is excited to return to Baltimore, as we wrap up our 2019 season with our first ever Thanksgiving celebration!

That’s right, Super Art Fight will be bringing Charm City a very special Thanksgiving Thrashing.

Coming off of Autumn Assault live at the Black Cat in DC, the Super Art Fight locker room is ready for anything. The champions retained their titles, but the new generation of SAF talent made their intentions known on one of our biggest stages, so the shakeup will undoubtably continue live in Baltimore.

Tickets will go on sale THIS FRIDAY, so keep it locked into SuperArtFight.com and our social media for purchasing links and more.

See you soon, Baltimore!

BLACK CAT: A Brand New Duo Gets a Shot at the SAF Tag Titles


Thus far, we’ve announced three pretty kick-ass bouts for our Black Cat return on September 20th, Autumn Assault, if we do say so ourselves (and we do.)

With an interest in sewing up the card with something special, we thought: “What is this card missing?”

If you answered “An absolutely insane and frantic match for the Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles”, you win a SAF No-Prize!

The duo of Gods & Monsters (the nature goddess Wisteria and the adorable kaiju Stompadon) have had an amazing 2019, debuting as a duo at the MAGFest 2019 Tag Team Gauntlet, winning the SAF Tag Belts at This Time It’s Personal, and delighting SAF audiences along the way.

But once you hold the titles, you never know who will come out of the woodwork.

Such is the case with Vivienne Shamwood. The fussy Queen made their debut as a part of the SAF 2019 Tryouts, raised their stock with a great performance at BlerdCon 2019, and now wants to - as all Queens do - drape themselves in GOLD.

But Vivienne needed a partner. But what better partner for a Queen than their own personal Valkyrie?

That’s right - the former SAF Champion and generally loud warrior will be aiming to complete a set of SAF titles won, as these duos collide in the Nation’s Capital!

Want to see it? Of course you do. Nab your tickets TODAY.

BLACK CAT: Ravers versus Racers, Live in DC!


We promised you new faces, new battles and new levels of excitement at Autumn Assault on September 20th in Washington DC.

We’ve announced half the card so far, and as we announce bout #3, the new era of SAF continues.

On one side of the canvas, you have Super Art Fight’s resident race car driver, part of the prior SAF generation, looking to add to his victories under his belt and perhaps work his way up to a Super Art Fight title shot.

On the other side of the canvas, you have a rave loving, living incarnation of a party, who shocked the world at her debut at Otakon 2019 by beating Baron Von Sexyful.

Who will win over Washington DC and have their hand raised in victory - will it be Stevie Speed or Rave Royale? This could be a sleeper match of the night candidate!

Want to see how it turns out? Get your tickets NOW and join us live at the Black Cat!

BLACK CAT: Come at the (Sexyful) King, You Best Not Miss


2019 has been - if anything - a year of change for us here at Super Art Fight.

We’ve established new match types, in the gauntlets ran at the Black Cat and MAGFest.

We said farewell to two SAF vets, in Jamie Noguchi and Brandon Chalmers.

We played new shows, new venues.

And earlier this year, we had a shot in the arm of new talent, as we held our 2019 SAF Tryouts, and picked five lucky talents to join the Super Art Fight roster.

One who blew us all away? The shades-of-King-Diamond-by-way-of-Nathan-Explosion insane rocker known as DIETANIUM. (Yeah, all caps feels right for that.)

She’s fierce. She’s intense. She’s angry. She makes the canvas her arena, and rocks a crowd like AC/DC in their prime.

So, of course, we had to toss her in the deep end, versus one of the greatest to ever do it in Super Art Fight….Baron Von Sexyful.

This will be absolutely ridiculous. You KNOW you want to be there!

BLACK CAT: Super Art Fight Title Is On The Line in the Nation's Capital!


Last time Super Art Fight found itself in Washington, DC, we ran the first-ever Golden Gauntlet, crowning a new owner of the Golden Opportunity Marker.

The winner of that match was General Stormsketch, and he ran with that opportunity, defeating SAF Champion Shoujo-A-Go-Go at May’s This Time It’s Personal event in Baltimore.

Now, as the season changes to Fall, and all eyes are on our return to the Black Cat on Friday, September 20th, General Stormsketch feels a chill.

It’s not just of the changing season, no - it’s of the formidable challengers biting at his heels.

The first person to step up against Stormsketch? Why, it’s one of the people he defeated in the Gauntlet. A former Super Art Fight champion himself, and a man who is always the life of the party…it’s Two Drink Alex.

Two Drink Alex has been on a tear of victories since his upset loss as a part of the Golden Gauntlet, and now he wants to party with the SAF title one more time.

Can Two Drink Alex regain the gold? Or is this just the first step in a lengthy reign from the ruler of Cardstock?

Find out by joining us live and in person!

Super Art Fight RETURNS to the Black Cat September 20th for an AUTUMN ASSAULT


Coming off of an amazing two-night stand as a part of Otakon 2019, we at Super Art Fight are incredibly excited to announce our return to Washington DC’s legendary Black Cat on Friday Night, September 20th for Super Art Fight: Autumn Assault!

We’ll take the stage with a full, four bout card. Past events at the Black Cat have been among the most legendary in SAF’s history, so you know this is an event you WON’T want to miss.

The show lineup and roster will be announced as the event gets closer, but if you want to lock in your attendance, great news: you can buy your tickets starting…NOW.

SATURDAY: It's STAR WARS NIGHT with Super Art Fight!

This Saturday Night, The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is heading south to Leesburg, VA for Loudon County Public Library’s Star Wars Night!

We’ll be part of the fun as the Rust Library celebrates the Skywalker Saga, in this 21+ Only event.

There’s Super Art Fight action, awesome beers and ciders, art vendors and more. You know you’re going to want to be a part of it.

Also - we’ve printed up a super limited edition Star Wars-themed Super Art Fight shirt!

Appearing from Super Art Fight on this event…

  • Red Erin

  • The Princess of Darkness

  • Shoujo A Go-Go

  • And…a debuting MYSTERY ARTIST!

This is a CAN’T MISS event. Click the button below to check out the Facebook event and get all the details. See you Saturday, Leesburg!

THIS WEEKEND: Super Art Fight DEBUTS at Blerdcon!


For the first time ever, Super Art Fight heads to Blerdcon to bring the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe to the show which “celebrates our connection with LGBTQ, the disabled, POCs and the international community!”

We’re very excited to be a part of the event this weekend, and look forward to delivering another awesome SAF event on Saturday, July 13th at 5:15pm in The Jefferson Room.

Appearing on Saturday’s event will be Newly Crowned 2-Time Super Art Fight Champion General Stormsketch, former SAF Champion Shoujo-A-Go-Go, and making their debut, from the 2019 SAF Tryouts, the prim and proper princess, Vivian Shamwood!

It’s sure to be a laugh-a-minute thrill ride as artists collide - join us, won’t you?

Super Art Fight RETURNS for Otakon 2019


We know, we know, we’ve been radio silent since This Time It’s Personal, but rest assured: we’ve been hard at work.

We’ve got our closed SAF Tryout events this weekend, we’re planning our next shows…and now, we can tell you, we’ll be back for Otakon 2019.

Yes, that’s right - the biggest anime convention on the East Coast will once again host the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe, and, as you can see, we have a hell of a roster, featuring:

  • Killer Colleen

  • 2 Drink Alex

  • Wisteria

  • Baron Von Sexyful

  • “The Fighting Fanboy” Mike Donohue

  • Shoujo A Go Go

We’ll have two shows - Super Art Fight proper at 6pm on Friday, and the 18+ SAF Unleashed Saturday Night at 10pm, and we cannot WAIT to see you!

Get your plans together, and be ready as Super Art Fight once again invades Otakon!

All The Last Minute Details for THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL, TONIGHT! Live at the Ottobar!


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back live at the Ottobar tonight with THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL, another amazing live event emanating from Charm City’s Legendary Ottobar, our home base.

It’s sure to be an emotional evening, filled with high stakes artistic throw downs, TWO battles for championship gold, and the farewells of two SAF icons: Senior Official Brandon Chalmers and co-founder, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi.


Doors will open tonight promptly at 8pm, with the show kicking off at 9pm.

Here’s what’s planned and when:

  • 9pm - Show Intro with Marty, Ross, and Brandon

  • 9:15pm - SAF Tag Title Match
    Razing Canes (Old Man Prindiville & Olivia Oblivia) (Champions) vs. Gods + Monsters (Stompadon & Wisteria) (Challengers)

  • 9:50pm - 2 Drink Alex vs. Stevie Speed

  • 10:25pm - INTERMISSION

  • 10:40pm - SAF TITLE MATCH
    Shoujo-A-Go-Go (Champion) vs. General Stormsketch (Challenger)

  • 11:15pm - Jamie Noguchi vs. Baron Von Sexyful


Tickets will remain available for sale through this afternoon at Ticketfly.com.

Admission will be available at the door, just $15.

The show is all ages, general admission, and as always, we recommend arriving early to scope out the best spot to take in the action (we see you, Balcony Crew!).


The Super Art Fight merch tables will be ready for YOU, including copies of our card game, and a new limited run t-shirt design.


Good news - we’re here to help. For any questions or concerns - bug us on Twitter, Facebook, or via our Contact Page!

See you tonight, Baltimore! We can’t wait!

BREAKING: Jamie Noguchi and Brandon Chalmers Say Farewell to SUPER ART FIGHT, This Friday Night

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart we reveal that this Friday night, live at the Ottobar at This Time Its Personal, LIVE in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ll be saying farewell to two Super Art Fight icons.


Jamie Noguchi, co-creator of this very art competition, will be saying goodbye to the show he created, as he takes the time to dedicate himself to his many, many freelance art projects and what will be, assuredly, countless very cool projects moving forward.


Brandon Chalmers, on-stage referee and off-stage logistics head, retires from a very grueling position behind the scenes and as the most respected SAF official of all-time, so he can focus on his very real, very demanding day job and to let a younger generation move forward.

It would be impossible to list the accomplishments these men provided to Super Art Fight, so we will simply say this: the show would not be what it is without their tireless efforts.

These are some well earned retirement plans.

Join us and say goodbye, live at the Ottobar this Friday night.

Do You Have What It Takes? Sign Up for the SAF Tryouts NOW!


Here at the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe, we get asked a few questions regularly:

  • What’s a Super Art Fight?

  • Why are you so awesome?

  • How can I become an Art Fighter?

If you don’t know the first, good news: you’re on SuperArtFight.com. The second is obvious.

As for the third? That’s why we’re here today!

On Saturday, June 15th, in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ll be hosting a tryout event from a super secret, super secure location. And we’d love you, interested members of the SAF Army to apply to be a part of it!

Do you think you’re the next Baron Von Sexyful? Can you take down the Angry Zen Master? Want to go shot-for-shot with 2 Drink Alex? Could you de-throne Shoujo A-Go-Go? Here’s your chance to prove it.

Fill out the form linked below by Sunday, May 26th, and we’ll take in all possible applicants. We’ll hand pick a few great candidates, and then on June 15th, we’ll see what you’re made of!

This is your opportunity - don’t miss it!

Drinking vs. Driving: A Combination for Chaos on May 17th


On Friday, May 17th, Super Art Fight is back in the saddle at Ottobar with This Time It’s Personal, an intense night of SAF action.

We’ve unveiled three out of the four bouts so far, and today, we wrap up the card with a match which is sure to shock and surprise our hometown crowd.

On one side, you have a long time SAF fan favorite - former tag champion, former SAF champion, who wishes to get back on the winning side of things.

On the other side, you’ve got one of SAF’s newest talents, building more and more fan support as the bouts go on.

We saw these two clash over their choice of beverages live at Awesome Con 2019 this past weekend, now let’s see them settle their differences on the canvas, as it will be…


Art Fight Legends COLLIDE, May 17th in Baltimore!


This past weekend, Super Art Fight had the honor and pleasure of being a part of Awesome Con 2019, Washington DC’s coolest nerd-culture convention.

During our headlining event on Saturday night, between bouts, after his loss to the Valkyrie, the ever opportunistic Baron Von Sexyful grabbed a microphone and issued a challenge.

May 17th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland - the Baron didn’t just want a match. He didn’t just want any opponent. He wanted to go one-on-one with his closest peer. The only other artist to make use of an ink brush. The only other artist who has set records on title reigns, championship lengths, and has the love of the entire SAF Army: the Angry Zen Master himself, Jamie Noguchi.

Noguchi, ever ready for a challenge accepted the Baron’s boast - but with one last twist of the knife reminded him who walked away from Awesome Con as a winner, unlike the beloved Sexyful.

Will the same occur in Baltimore? Find out by joining us live.


Tag Titles on the Line in the OLDEST MATCH in SAF History


We continue on with the big announcements for our Ottobar return on Friday, May 17, 2019.

This time, we look at the tag team titles.

Last December, the relatively new (yet quite old) duo of Razing Canes (Old Man Prindiville and the ever-forgetful Olivia Oblivia) shocked the world by taking down the duo of Team Stormmmaster and becoming the new Super Art Fight Tag Team Champions.

At the beginning of 2019, the first ever MAGFest Tag Team Gauntlet was held, and with four mostly-new duos entering the fray, the team which shocked the world were the “iron women” of Gods and Monsters - Wisteria and Stompadon - going the distance and grabbing the number one contendership.

You just had to know this throwdown was coming, right?

In Baltimore, Maryland in just 2 weeks time, it will be….



Two senior citizens battling a nature goddess and a massive Kaiju, with a combined age of millions of years old. Where else can you see that?

Super Art Fight Title Match to Headline Ottobar Return


On Friday, May 17th, 2019, Super Art Fight returns to the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for This Time It’s Personal.

Tickets are on sale right now, but what’s the fun in going to a show if you don’t know the card?

We’re proud to announce our main event - one which ties together our last two events - and promises to be a massive throw-down in Charm City.

On March 8th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, General Stormsketch was the iron man, running front to back the Golden Opportunity Gauntlet.

This earned him a Super Art Fight title opportunity, any time, any where.

Like Babe Ruth, Stormsketch wants to call his shot - and what better time to grab SAF Title #2 than in front of our most dedicated and insane fans?

It won’t be so easy for Ol’ Stormy, though, as he faces the dominant Shoujo-A-Go-Go. Having won the SAF title at the end of 2018, she’s been ready and raring to take down her first major challenger. Will Stormsketch be able to take out our resident magical girl? Or will he end up as the first name on the list of those who attempted to take out Shoujo, but couldn’t make it happen?

Find out by joining us live this May!