Credit: Joshua Morris

Credit: Joshua Morris

The Black Cat was hyped and excited all night long as Super Art Fight returned to Washington DC for another unforgettable night of artistic action!

All eyes were on the stage – and at one point, one particular Wheel of Death topic (more on that shortly) – as five artists entered an Art Fight unlike any other, the treacherous GOLDEN GAUNTLET.


Two started. Four bouts were held. But only one could win.

BOUT 1: General Stormsketch defeated Baron Von Sexyful

The night started with a surprise upset, as 2017’s “Super Rookie” GENERAL STORMSKETCH shocked the crowd in the nation’s capital, defeating fan-favorite BARON VON SEXYFUL.

BOUT 2: General Stormsketch defeated Wisteria

The winning ways continued for GENERAL STORMSKETCH, as he took on and defeated one-half of GODS AND MONSTERS, the always cheerful WISTERIA in an intense bout. During this match the Wheel of Death topic “Just a Lot of Ducks” appeared, and the DC crowd seemed to vibe on it - as this started a trend of Duck chants and Quacks which lasted the rest of the evening!

BOUT 3: General Stormsketch defeated Killer Colleen

The stress of continuing on started to take a tole on GENERAL STORMSKETCH here as he just barely scooted by his rival KILLER COLLEEN of the Bra’lers, who had previously defeated him for the Super Art Fight Championship.

GAUNTLET FINAL: General Stormsketch defeated Two Drink Alex

As the final bout was selected, TWO DRINK ALEX came in as a house of fire, with the DC crowd behind him, but those drinks seemed to get the better of him, as the unthinkable became real, and the Dictator from the Principality of Cardstock had his hand raised for the fourth time of the night, becoming the new owner of the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY MARKER.

Now, all eyes are on GENERAL STORMSKETCH. Will he decide to take his SAF Championship opportunity live at the Ottobar, as a part of THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL? Or will he wait for a moment to strike when SHOUJO A GO-GO is at her weakest? Stay tuned, SAF ARMY!

Additional Notes

  • Thank you again to all who came out to the Black Cat on Friday night! Even with the crummy weather, this was one of our best showings in DC, and we cannot thank you enough for the awesome presale numbers and coming out in force, and staying hyped all night long.

  • Speaking of HYPE - given how much love was thrown to Ducks all evening long, and our new relationship with Printful, we’re proud to have a very limited-run “DUCKS!” t-shirt available on our Etsy shop! You asked for it, repeatedly, and you’ve got it. Get it while it’s still available!


All The Last Minute Details and Information For Tonight's BLACK CAT DC Return!


Tonight, we at Super Art Fight make our long-awaited return to Washington DC’s Black Cat for an evening of live art throwdowns unlike any other!

As always, we love to give you one easy-to-read post for all the show details you could ever want or need, so, here it is!


Hey! This show is one of our best pre-selling tickets of all time! Thank you so much, DC! We’re excited to see you too.

That said, tickets will remain on-sale via through the afternoon, then will be available at the door, just $15.

Be sure to get to the venue early to not only ensure your attendance, but also to scope out a good spot to check out the action.

Show Schedule

Doors for tonight’s event will open at 8pm, with the show kicking off at 9pm.

From there, here’s your schedule:

9pm: Show Intro with Marty, Ross and Brandon

9:15pm: Golden Gauntlet Bout #1

9:50pm: Golden Gauntlet Bout #2


10:40pm: Golden Gauntlet Bout #3

11:15pm: Golden Gauntlet Finals

You may have noticed, we haven’t listed any specific artists in those bouts. That’s because each participant will be selected live at the show!

Here’s how the Golden Gauntlet works:

  • All five artists will be introduced at the top of the show.

  • Two artists will be picked at random, live at the show.

  • They will have a match - the winner stays on.

  • Artist #3 will be picked at random for match #2.

  • This will continue until ONLY ONE ARTIST is left standing!

The victor - of the five artists competing - will be the new holder of the Super Art Fight GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Marker, giving them a Super Art Fight Championship Opportunity, anytime, anywhere!

Your roster of artists appearing tonight is General Stormsketch, Two Drink Alex, Wisteria, Killer Colleen, and Baron Von Sexyful. Anything can – and will – happen!


A fully stocked SAF merchandise table will be at the show. We’ll have t-shirts, stickers, and of course, our awesome new card game, Cute Animals On Fire!

Anything Else?

We at SAF will be monitoring our inbox and social media all day long, so if you have any questions or concerns, ping us on Facebook, bug us on Twitter, or shoot an email to superartfight at gmail dot com.

We are incredibly excited for tonight. See you in a few hours DC!

Super Art Fight RETURNS to the Ottobar MAY 17th - And THIS TIME, IT'S PERSONAL


Baltimore, Maryland - the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is back at it again, as we’re in our home base, the legendary Ottobar on Friday, May 17th, and This Time, It’s Personal.

That’s right, Super Art Fight: This Time It’s Personal will wreck Charm City this May, and we want you to join us live and in person!

There’s no venue we go bigger, no venue where the bouts are crazier, no venue where the stakes are higher, than the Ottobar, and we’re going to deliver as always in front of one of our favorite crowds.

Want to see it live? Great news! Tickets are on sale…NOW. Surprise! Go get ‘em!

Stay tuned here for more details and bout announcements as the show gets closer.

A GODDESS Makes Five: WISTERIA Joins the Golden Gauntlet


We’ve got fan favorites, former Super Art Fight Champions, and elite talent signed up for the Golden Gauntlet.

Now we need something special. To wrap up the group of five, we need someone who showed that they can actually take it to the limit and win a gauntlet.

Who better than one-half of the #1 contender of the Super Art Fight tag team titles, Gods & Monsters, and co-winner of the first-ever MAGFest Tag Team Gauntlet, our resident nature goddess Wisteria?!

That’s right - we’ve got punk rockers, male models, party animals, dictators and goddess in this once-in-a-lifetime throwdown.

What other show gives you such value? Grab those tickets today, Washington DC! And we’ll see you at the Black Cat on March 8th.

I Predict A Riot: KILLER COLLEEN Jumps Into the GOLDEN GAUNTLET Fray

Let’s be honest folks: it’s 2019, did you think that the Golden Gauntlet was going to be just a bunch of dudes?

Of course not. Because if it were - the Bra’lers would kick our ass.

And there’s no Bra’ler who has kicked more ass over the past year than Killer Colleen.

She’s racked up key wins - including a Super Art Fight Title Reign - so she was a perfect addition to the battle on March 8th at Washington DC’s legendary Black Cat.

Will she be the one to snatch the Golden Opportunity, and reclaim her throne atop Super Art Fight?


Now It's A Party: 2 DRINK ALEX Joins the GOLDEN GAUNTLET


The Golden Gauntlet throwdown heading to Washington DC’s Black Cat on March 8th just keeps getting more and more star-studded.

The latest entry? Artist participant #3 - the life of the party himself, 2 Drink Alex!

2 Drink Alex kicked off 2018 with a Super Art Fight Title win in DC, and he’d like for lightning to strike twice.

Can he take out his former tag partner in Baron Von Sexyful? Can he stop the momentum of General Stormsketch? Who else is in this crazy match? Stay tuned and find out.

In the meantime - lock in your attendance now…grab your tickets TODAY!



Welcome artist #2 to the mix of 5, as the 2017 SAF Idol Finalist, the “Super Rookie” General Stormsketch joins the battle at the Black Cat on March 8th!

General Stormsketch shocked the world by capturing both the SAF Championship and SAF Tag Titles within his rookie year, and as he embarks into his second year, he hopes to continue his winning ways in Washington DC and snag the Golden Opportunity marker from his four other opponents!

Can General Stormsketch run the gauntlet? Only one way to find out - and that’s LIVE and IN-PERSON!



On Friday Night, March 8th, when Super Art Fight returns to Washington DC’s infamous Black Cat, the first-ever Golden Gauntlet will be thrown down, with the winner earning the Super Art Fight Golden Opportunity Marker, providing them a Championship Opportunity – any time, any where.

The first of the five participants - a true SAF legend.

Three time SAF champion. Two time SAF tag champion. An absolutely undeniable force. Incredibly tight pants…IT’S BARON VON SEXYFUL!

Can he topple four other artistic titans? Find out live at the Black Cat!

The GOLDEN GAUNTLET Comes to the Black Cat, March 8th!


At the beginning of 2019, the SAF Army was privy to an amazing experiment - the first-ever Tag Team Gauntlet, live at MAGFest.

It was an amazing evening, filled with insane drama, the birth of new tag teams, and a new pair of #1 Contender’s for the Super Art Fight Tag Titles crowned in the end, in Gods & Monsters (Wisteria and Stompadon). It was a Super Art Fight event unlike any other…and it birthed a new match type that we’d have to see again.

On Friday Night, March 8th, we’re making our grand return to Washington DC’s Black Cat, and we knew we needed to make a splash.

And we also knew that, after being successfully cashed in at the 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny, the Super Art Fight Golden Opportunity Marker – allowing the artist who holds it to challenge for any SAF title, anytime, anywhere – needed to find a new owner.

In turn, we will bring to the Black Cat, the FIRST-EVER GOLDEN GAUNTLET.

Five artists. Four matches. One amazing opportunity.

Stay tuned to and our social media as we announce ALL FIVE ARTISTS on the road to the Black Cat on March 8th.

SAF Returns to the Black Cat - Friday, March 8th, 2019!


The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is excited to announce its return to one of the best rock clubs in Washington DC – that’s right, Super Art Fight is back in action in the Black Cat on Friday Night, March 8th, 2019!

We’ll be presenting a full-on, over the top, non-stop, hilarious evening of live art entertainment as we have been for eleven years now, with four art fights and so many twists and turns, you’ll never know what will happen next.

Tickets for this event are still just $15, and the event is all ages. Doors will be at 8pm with the show starting at 9pm.

Tickets will go-on sale at the ticket link below on Friday, January 25th, 2019 at Noon, EST.

Welcome the Teams Entering the MAGFest 2019 TAG TEAM GAUNTLET


This Saturday Night as a part of Super MAGFest 2019, we at Super Art Fight are presenting a first in the world of live art entertainment: The First-Ever SUPER ART FIGHT Tag Team Gauntlet!

Five Teams will battle back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back with the winning duo gaining a title opportunity for the Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles (currently held by Old Man Prindiville and Olivia Oblivia) at a future SAF live event.

The match ups will be chosen at random, and the winners stay on!

Facing the gauntlet on Saturday, January 5th are these amazing duos:


Want to see who can run the gauntlet? Want to cheer your favorite duo? Want to see who can go the distance?

Join us LIVE, this Saturday night in Panel 1 at 7:30pm for our big MAGFest show!

New Year, New Look for Super Art Fight!


Just before the holiday, if you took a look at our social media, you may’ve noticed some things changed with our icons.

That’s right, just in time for our, uh, eleventh year of Super Art Fight action, we’ve decided to upgrade our logo!

This is just phase one of a cool new visual approach to what we do here at the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe - one you may’ve noticed for our promotion of our Holiday Hootenanny show, or our forthcoming MAGFest events.

More will be coming throughout 2019, but you’ll be seeing this sweet new logo and visual style on all SAF content moving forward.

New Year. New Us. Let’s do this, SAF ARMY!

Super Art Fight Returns to Super MAGFest this January!


Since 2009, Super Art Fight has been a proud participant in the coolest gaming and music festival, MAGFest.

This January, we return to be a part of Super MAGFest 2019, coming up January 3-6, 2019 at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, MD.

We’ve got two awesome events for you lined up this year, and we cannot WAIT to tell you about them.

Both events will be happening on Saturday, January 5, 2019.

First, at 1pm in Panel 1 will be Let’s Play: Super Art Fight’s CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE, where you, the glorious audience member, get to join us at Super Art Fight in doing a live playthrough of our awesome new party game, Cute Animals On Fire (available now in our merch store).

Then, the big event to kick off 2019 - we bring Super Art Fight proper to Panel 1 at 7:30pm, as we have a full, proper SAF card…with a twist.

For the first time ever, Super Art Fight will hold a TAG TEAM GAUNTLET!





This is going to be one of the craziest events we’ve ever put on - and we’re incredibly excited to bring it to Super MAGFest.

Make your plans to join us live, and stay tuned to and our social media as we announce the tag team pairings going for a Title Shot in this first-ever Tag Team Gauntlet!

OTTOBAR: All the Last Minute Details and Information for the 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny!


It’s time, folks!

Tomorrow night, Saturday, December 15th we return home to Baltimore’s Ottobar for our first-ever 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny.

We’ve got a really incredible show planned and we cannot wait to see you live!

As is tradition, we’ve got all the necessary details and information for the event summarized in one handy-dandy post that you can reference or share with your friends and fam!

Here goes!

The Show

Doors for Super Art Fight’s 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny will open at 8pm, with the show promptly starting at 9pm.

The show is all-ages (PG-13, if we’re honest), and we highly recommend getting there early to scope out a great eye-line of the action.

As for the show lineup, here’s the bout order:

  • Show Intro (with Marty Day, Ross Nover, and SAF Referee Brandon Chalmers)

  • BOUT 1: Baron Von Sexyful vs. Stevie Speed

  • BOUT 2: Bunny vs. Stompadon


  • BOUT 3: Super Art Fight Tag Title Match
    Team Stormmmaster (Champions) vs. Old Man Prindiville & Olivia Oblivia (Challengers)

  • MAIN EVENT: Super Art Fight Championship Match
    The Valkyrie (Champion) vs. Shoujo-A-Go-Go (Challenger)

The WHEEL OF DEATH is locked in and ready, and we’ll be having a special themed “Holiday Movies” mix of starting topics.


Tickets will remain on sale through Saturday afternoon via Remaining admissions will be available at the door for $15.


Of course we’ve got new merch!

At the show, you can pick up a copy of CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE, our KickStarter funded party game, a perfect stocking stuffer! Additionally, we will have a limited edition holiday colorway of our beloved Stompadon shirt!

Any Questions?

Have any questions for your pals at Super Art Fight? Good news - you can bug us via email (super art fight at gmail dot com), the Contact Us page here on, Twitter, or Facebook. We’ll be glad to help!

We’re incredibly excited to send off 2018 and wrap up our 10th Anniversary Season at the Ottobar, and celebrate the holidays right!

OTTOBAR: The Strangest Bout Ever Caps Off Our Baltimore Card!


So far, we’ve announced three bouts for our Ottobar return, December 15th in Baltimore, Maryland.

We’ve got title defenses. We’ve got grudge matches. We’ve got artists old and young.

But what would be that one thing to put it all over the top?

Well, on one side, we need an adorably cuddly Kaiju.

On the other side…uh. Well. It’s something unique. Someone from a place not quite here. Someone who only limited audiences have seen, and experienced.

Get ready to get strange during our 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny, as it will be…


OTTOBAR: Tag Team Title Mayhem Marks Bout #3!


Since becoming the Super Art Fight tag team champions at the beginning of 2018, the duo of the Angry Zen Master and General Stormsketch, known collectively as Team Stormmaster have been incredibly dominant, destroying all competitors in their path.

So dominant, in fact, that the SAF Championship committee has decided to put together a tag team title match to teach that duo some respect.

In turn, their opponents are a duo filled with years of wisdom. A duo who have lived their lives. A duo who eats dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon and will be up well past their bedtime to be a part of the show.

One is grumpy.

One is very lost.

Together, they both own Jitterbugs and want to add some tag team gold to their golden years.

On Saturday, December 15th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD at our 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny, it will be…



Giving Tuesday: Support (Or Join) Super Art Fight at the Polar Bear Plunge 2019!


On January 26, 2019 for the third year in a row, the bravest art combatants of Super Art Fight will be freezin’ for a reason as we jump into the frigid waters of the Chesapeake Bay for the 2019 Polar Bear Plunge!

Since this is Giving Tuesday, we wanted to officially announce our participation in the 2019 Plunge, and issue the challenge to the SAF Army - JOIN US OR DONATE!

Last year we raised nearly $2000, which was incredible - and we hope to match or beat our total. But more than that, we want an even larger, stronger group of participants!

Join SAF Roster members and fellow fans alike as we plunge into cold water to help raise funds for Special Olympics Maryland - and stay tuned to this website here AND our social media, as we’ll be doing all sort of unique things to raise funds.

In the meantime - click that button!

Holy Crap, We're In the Washington Post

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 12.11.08 PM.png

The wonderful Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson has written an amazing profile of our own Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi, which also gives you an idea of the crazy journey of the past decade of Super Art Fight.

There’s awesome photos from André Chung which you NEED to check out, but really, it’s a great profile which illustrates the amazing show we’re incredibly lucky to put together for amazing fans like yourselves.

Click through, learn a bit more about us, and we’ll see you at the Ottobar next month.

Our First Ever BLACK FRIDAY Deal IS ON!


As promised earlier this week, we’re proud to announce our first ever Black Friday deal, starting NOW.

For the next 24 Hours, when you go to purchase tickets for our 37th Annual Holiday Hootenanny event, if you use the special promo code HOOTENANNY, you get…

  • 20% Off the Ticket Price - So you pay $12 instead of $15!

  • A special gift delivered at the live show - a very cool USB-drive/lanyard, featuring two amazing videos - our fully edited and produced live show All Killer, No Filler AND our documentary of our first trip to Canada!

To take advantage of this deal, you must use the code at checkout before Midnight Eastern on Saturday, November 24th!

BLACK FRIDAY 2018: First Ever Ticket Sale!


For the first time ever, Super Art Fight is proud to announce a very special Black Friday sales event!

This Friday, November 23rd, for 24 hours only, we’ll be giving you a special promo code to get $3 off tickets for our forthcoming Holiday Hootenanny show at the Ottobar on December 15th in Baltimore - that’s 20% off!

Keep an eye on and our social media for that special promo code, and share the gift of the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe for the Holidays!