CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE, The Super Art Fight Card Game, Hits Kickstarter MARCH 6!


We're incredibly excited to announce that the long-awaited Super Art Fight home game, an easy to carry, easy to share, unbelievably delightful card game titled CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE will arrive on Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, March 6th!

Featuring artwork from the entire Super Art Fight roster, and topics from our amazing Wheel of Death, CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE brings the fun of Super Art Fight home as you and your friends can try to out draw each other in a game of artistic supremacy!

But don't worry - you don't need to be GREAT at drawing to be GREAT at CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE - each round is designed for artists of all skill levels and ages to get in on the fun.

We've got a great Kickstarter campaign planned, including some great stretch goals (adding additional cards to the deck), but what we need is your support!

You came out en masse to help us test it live at MAGFest in January, you've supported us for ten years, and now let's make a great card game...together.

CUTE ANIMALS ON FIRE hits Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, and we'll be sharing the link here on and across our social media on Tuesday morning.