Super Art Fight Joins Up With Washington Improv Theater for INTERPLAY


This weekend, Super Art Fight has the honor and pleasure of joining up with the Washington Improv Theater for a series of unique and hilarious events called Interplay!

While the series of shows is going on all through the month of May, our artists will be a part of events this weekend alongside the great DC improv troupe Hellcat.

Show Dates and Times

  • Thursday, May 17th, 7:30pm.
  • Friday, May 18th, 7:30pm.
  • Saturday: May 19th, 7:30pm.
  • Sunday, May 20th, 7:30pm.

Super Art Fight Artists

  • Two Drink Alex
  • Periwinkle the Wizard
  • Stevie Speed

No two events are alike, so be sure to check them out all this weekend!