SAF Rookies Look to Level Up, NOVEMBER 15th in BALTIMORE!


Coming out of Autumn Assault in Washington DC, one thing was clear - a new generation of Super Art Fight talent was ready to make a statement.

With all eyes on our Ottobar return on November 15th, we knew that this flame of excitement had to turn into a full-blown wildfire - and in turn, we’re taking two undefeated artists - both of whom have won bouts against SAF legend Baron Von Sexyful - and giving them the opportunity a the lifetime.


That’s right, in Baltimore, these artists will have something to be thankful for, as Rave Royale and DIETANIUM will collide one-on-one for the first time, with the winner getting a Super Art Fight title shot!

…about that title shot, though.

It’s going to be a true Monkey’s Paw situation, as the winner of the bout (which will kick off Thanksgiving Thrashing) will face General Stormsketch for the Super Art Fight title…in that same show’s main event.

Best of luck in Baltimore, Rave Royale and DIETANIUM. Hope you survive the experience.

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