Tag Team Title Collision Live in Charm City!


Looking at how the card for Thanksgiving Thrashing has lined up so far, we’ve got a little bit of everything.

Exciting debuts, once-in-a-lifetime moments, a surreal musical guest, an intense main event.

But there was one thing missing: a tag title match.

Gods and Monsters (Stompadon and Wisteria) have decimated everyone who have stepped in their way since their debut at MAGFest 2019’s Tag Team Gauntlet, and it allowed them to gain the SAF Tag Titles along the way.

That said, there are some duos still hurting from their loss at that Tag Team Gauntlet who want an opportunity to show the world how great they can be.

And there are no two artists in the SAF roster who believe they are great than these two.

One’s a male model who is all about himself. The other is a race car driver who cares only about money and sponsorships – and the potential money and sponsorships which can be brought about by a Super Art Fight Tag Team Title.

They’re Baron Von Sexyful and Stevie Speed, and on November 15th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, they’re going to go for tag team gold.


Super Art Fight Tag Team Title Match:
GODS AND MONSTERS (Champions) vs. SEXDRIVE (Challengers)

Only one way to see this match, along with the rest of the card - join us live. Grab your tickets below.