Super Art Fight RETURNS to the Ottobar MAY 17th - And THIS TIME, IT'S PERSONAL


Baltimore, Maryland - the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe is back at it again, as we’re in our home base, the legendary Ottobar on Friday, May 17th, and This Time, It’s Personal.

That’s right, Super Art Fight: This Time It’s Personal will wreck Charm City this May, and we want you to join us live and in person!

There’s no venue we go bigger, no venue where the bouts are crazier, no venue where the stakes are higher, than the Ottobar, and we’re going to deliver as always in front of one of our favorite crowds.

Want to see it live? Great news! Tickets are on sale…NOW. Surprise! Go get ‘em!

Stay tuned here for more details and bout announcements as the show gets closer.