Credit: Joshua Morris

Credit: Joshua Morris

The Black Cat was hyped and excited all night long as Super Art Fight returned to Washington DC for another unforgettable night of artistic action!

All eyes were on the stage – and at one point, one particular Wheel of Death topic (more on that shortly) – as five artists entered an Art Fight unlike any other, the treacherous GOLDEN GAUNTLET.


Two started. Four bouts were held. But only one could win.

BOUT 1: General Stormsketch defeated Baron Von Sexyful

The night started with a surprise upset, as 2017’s “Super Rookie” GENERAL STORMSKETCH shocked the crowd in the nation’s capital, defeating fan-favorite BARON VON SEXYFUL.

BOUT 2: General Stormsketch defeated Wisteria

The winning ways continued for GENERAL STORMSKETCH, as he took on and defeated one-half of GODS AND MONSTERS, the always cheerful WISTERIA in an intense bout. During this match the Wheel of Death topic “Just a Lot of Ducks” appeared, and the DC crowd seemed to vibe on it - as this started a trend of Duck chants and Quacks which lasted the rest of the evening!

BOUT 3: General Stormsketch defeated Killer Colleen

The stress of continuing on started to take a tole on GENERAL STORMSKETCH here as he just barely scooted by his rival KILLER COLLEEN of the Bra’lers, who had previously defeated him for the Super Art Fight Championship.

GAUNTLET FINAL: General Stormsketch defeated Two Drink Alex

As the final bout was selected, TWO DRINK ALEX came in as a house of fire, with the DC crowd behind him, but those drinks seemed to get the better of him, as the unthinkable became real, and the Dictator from the Principality of Cardstock had his hand raised for the fourth time of the night, becoming the new owner of the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY MARKER.

Now, all eyes are on GENERAL STORMSKETCH. Will he decide to take his SAF Championship opportunity live at the Ottobar, as a part of THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL? Or will he wait for a moment to strike when SHOUJO A GO-GO is at her weakest? Stay tuned, SAF ARMY!

Additional Notes

  • Thank you again to all who came out to the Black Cat on Friday night! Even with the crummy weather, this was one of our best showings in DC, and we cannot thank you enough for the awesome presale numbers and coming out in force, and staying hyped all night long.

  • Speaking of HYPE - given how much love was thrown to Ducks all evening long, and our new relationship with Printful, we’re proud to have a very limited-run “DUCKS!” t-shirt available on our Etsy shop! You asked for it, repeatedly, and you’ve got it. Get it while it’s still available!