Do You Have What It Takes? Sign Up for the SAF Tryouts NOW!


Here at the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe, we get asked a few questions regularly:

  • What’s a Super Art Fight?

  • Why are you so awesome?

  • How can I become an Art Fighter?

If you don’t know the first, good news: you’re on The second is obvious.

As for the third? That’s why we’re here today!

On Saturday, June 15th, in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ll be hosting a tryout event from a super secret, super secure location. And we’d love you, interested members of the SAF Army to apply to be a part of it!

Do you think you’re the next Baron Von Sexyful? Can you take down the Angry Zen Master? Want to go shot-for-shot with 2 Drink Alex? Could you de-throne Shoujo A-Go-Go? Here’s your chance to prove it.

Fill out the form linked below by Sunday, May 26th, and we’ll take in all possible applicants. We’ll hand pick a few great candidates, and then on June 15th, we’ll see what you’re made of!

This is your opportunity - don’t miss it!