BLACK CAT: Come at the (Sexyful) King, You Best Not Miss


2019 has been - if anything - a year of change for us here at Super Art Fight.

We’ve established new match types, in the gauntlets ran at the Black Cat and MAGFest.

We said farewell to two SAF vets, in Jamie Noguchi and Brandon Chalmers.

We played new shows, new venues.

And earlier this year, we had a shot in the arm of new talent, as we held our 2019 SAF Tryouts, and picked five lucky talents to join the Super Art Fight roster.

One who blew us all away? The shades-of-King-Diamond-by-way-of-Nathan-Explosion insane rocker known as DIETANIUM. (Yeah, all caps feels right for that.)

She’s fierce. She’s intense. She’s angry. She makes the canvas her arena, and rocks a crowd like AC/DC in their prime.

So, of course, we had to toss her in the deep end, versus one of the greatest to ever do it in Super Art Fight….Baron Von Sexyful.

This will be absolutely ridiculous. You KNOW you want to be there!