BLACK CAT: Ravers versus Racers, Live in DC!


We promised you new faces, new battles and new levels of excitement at Autumn Assault on September 20th in Washington DC.

We’ve announced half the card so far, and as we announce bout #3, the new era of SAF continues.

On one side of the canvas, you have Super Art Fight’s resident race car driver, part of the prior SAF generation, looking to add to his victories under his belt and perhaps work his way up to a Super Art Fight title shot.

On the other side of the canvas, you have a rave loving, living incarnation of a party, who shocked the world at her debut at Otakon 2019 by beating Baron Von Sexyful.

Who will win over Washington DC and have their hand raised in victory - will it be Stevie Speed or Rave Royale? This could be a sleeper match of the night candidate!

Want to see how it turns out? Get your tickets NOW and join us live at the Black Cat!