BLACK CAT: A Brand New Duo Gets a Shot at the SAF Tag Titles


Thus far, we’ve announced three pretty kick-ass bouts for our Black Cat return on September 20th, Autumn Assault, if we do say so ourselves (and we do.)

With an interest in sewing up the card with something special, we thought: “What is this card missing?”

If you answered “An absolutely insane and frantic match for the Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles”, you win a SAF No-Prize!

The duo of Gods & Monsters (the nature goddess Wisteria and the adorable kaiju Stompadon) have had an amazing 2019, debuting as a duo at the MAGFest 2019 Tag Team Gauntlet, winning the SAF Tag Belts at This Time It’s Personal, and delighting SAF audiences along the way.

But once you hold the titles, you never know who will come out of the woodwork.

Such is the case with Vivienne Shamwood. The fussy Queen made their debut as a part of the SAF 2019 Tryouts, raised their stock with a great performance at BlerdCon 2019, and now wants to - as all Queens do - drape themselves in GOLD.

But Vivienne needed a partner. But what better partner for a Queen than their own personal Valkyrie?

That’s right - the former SAF Champion and generally loud warrior will be aiming to complete a set of SAF titles won, as these duos collide in the Nation’s Capital!

Want to see it? Of course you do. Nab your tickets TODAY.