Super Art Fight returns with a bunch of killer shows this February and March!

We’ve started the year strong with back-to-back, triumphant returns to MAGFEST and FLYING V FIGHTS, but when has SUPER ART FIGHT been content with being anything but the Absolute Most? We’re pleased as punch to announce an exciting, jam-packed couple of months are ahead, featuring old favorites and brand-new ventures for SAF alike. 

On Saturday, February 10th, 2024, we’ll be partnering with Baltimore’s friendly neighborhood board game bar, NO LAND BEYOND, for the inaugural run of SUPER ART FIGHT: THE CANVAS CAMPAIGNS! This free event features artists from our roster playing through an epic gladitorial slobberknockers of a D&D one shot, penned and run by our very own Dungeon Master, illustrated live by our very own artists! Between NLB’s delicious libations and a new flavor to the live art chaos you know and love SAF for, THE CANVAS CAMPAIGNS promises to be just about the best way to spend a Saturday night if you’re a SAF and TTRPG fan. (And listen – we know you. We know that Venn Diagram is practically a circle.) Bar opens at 5PM; event runs from 7-10PM and includes a 30-minute intermission. 

But wait! There’s more! March is bursting with new and old venues alike for the classic Super Art Fight show you know and love, starting with KHROMAKON (March 1-3), Baltimore’s brand-new pop culture convention. The following weekend (March 5-8), we’ll be back in DC with our usual fanfare at AWESOMECON, taking a quick breather, then heading on over to Lancaster, PA, for our first time showing ZENKAIKON (March 22-24) what we’re all about.

What can we say, we booked ourselves a lot of shows.

It’s an exciting time to be a SAF fan with our brave new ventures and bounty of shows alike, so tell a friend, practice your loudest cheers, and join us for a whirlwind couple of months! Somehow, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what SAF has in store for 2024, so get hyped and stay tuned!