Super Art Fight Champion


Super Art Fight Tag Team Champion

Baron von Sexyful

Super Art Fight Tag Team Champion

The Dungeon Master

Super Art Fight Host

Andie Basto

Super Art Fight Host

Brandon Chalmers

Super Art Fight Host

Marty Day

Super Art Fight Referee

Adam Forejt

Super Art Fight Staff

The Los

Super Art Fight Host

Ross Nover

These are just some of the faces of Art Fight

Over our decade-plus in the business of weird pseudo-wrestling art competitions, we’ve accrued a heck of a roster of alumni. Check out our history page to see the dearly-departed (but not actually dead) friends of Super Art Fight, including the illustrious Super Art Fight HALL OF FAME, founded during our tenth anniversary show. That’s right, a hall of fame, on the internet! Eat your heart out, Cleveland. We’ve also got a rundown of our championship history, and poster art from a multitude of shows past, if you needed proof that we didn’t make this all up.