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Super Art Fight is the greatest live art competition in the known universe, a live-action performance where two or more artists battle against each other on a giant canvas. With the help of two quipping hosts and the Wheel of Death, they compete for the audience’s affection in order to score the win. Yes, the winner of an Art Fight bout is determined by the fans, and the fans alone, as we use Science (known in some circles as a decibel reader) to determine how loud the crowd cheers and crown the winner. We pit cutting-edge artists against each other in the art of creative combat, reacting to whims of the fans.

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We’re Back LIVE on Twitch, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT for Super Art Fight’s BACK TO SCHOOL BASH!

POSTED ON September 17, 2021

Illustrated by Michael S. Bracco Folks, it’s been far too long since we last took the internet airwaves. After the awesomeness which was the NEO (Never Ending Off-Season) era and two seasons of #SAFOnline, your pals at the the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe, Super Art Fight return with Back to School…


POSTED ON August 18, 2021

Super Art Fam, We’ve made the very difficult decision to postpone our Ottobar return — SUPER ART FIGHT ESCAPES THE INTERNET — from its planned November 6th date to a date to be determined in Early 2022. With the current state of the increasing numbers of the delta variant, and with many members of the…

Super Art Fight RETURNS to The Ottobar, as We ESCAPE FROM THE INTERNET, November 6!

POSTED ON July 23, 2021

It’s a grand day to be a Baltimore native because the Super Art Fight, the greatest art fight in the known universe, is returning to the ONLY watering hole awesome enough to contain this level of flair and skill: our friends, your friends, and a friend to Edgar Allen Poe himself: The Ottobar!! Saturday, November…

Super Art Fight RETURNS TO THE STAGE as a Part of OTAKON 2021

POSTED ON July 9, 2021

Kept you waiting, huh? Super Art Fight has broken from the screen and is coming back to you LIVE from the anime extravaganza that is Otakon! Bursting from Baltimore, no longer grounded by the virus that tried to tire us, get ready to crush that Natty Bo empty, trade your Old Bay for cherry blossoms,…

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