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Super Art Fight is the greatest live art competition in the known universe, a live-action performance where two or more artists battle against each other on a giant canvas. With the help of two quipping hosts and the Wheel of Death, they compete for the audience’s affection in order to score the win. Yes, the winner of an Art Fight bout is determined by the fans, and the fans alone, as we use Science (known in some circles as a decibel reader) to determine how loud the crowd cheers and crown the winner. We pit cutting-edge artists against each other in the art of creative combat, reacting to whims of the fans.

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APRIL ARMAGEDDON (Take 2): A Big Time Debut Battling an SAF Legend

POSTED ON March 25, 2022

We wrap up our week of announcements today for our long-awaited return the Ottobar, as we present April Armageddon (Take 2). We’ve got an already packed card, but we think you’d agree…there’s one missing element, a key spice to Super Art Fight left missing from the show as a whole. A certain artist who needs…

APRIL ARMAGEDDON (Take 2): A Tag Team Mystery Takes Stage Live in Charm City

POSTED ON March 23, 2022

Our week of announcements continues as we get very excited for our long-awaited return the Ottobar, as we present April Armageddon (Take 2). Live, Friday Night April 8th, in Baltimore, we’ve revealed two awesome matches so far, and today we raise the stakes with a TAG TEAM MATCH! What will take place at the hallowed…

APRIL ARMAGEDDON (Take 2): A Battle Between Two SAF Favorites

POSTED ON March 21, 2022

Time keeps ticking closer to our long-awaited return to Charm City’s greatest rock venue, the Ottobar, as we present April Armageddon (Take 2). We will go live on Friday April 8th, and we’ve got a killer main event announced, but what about the rest of the card? Awesome news — we’ll announce the rest of…


POSTED ON March 18, 2022

Ladies and gentleman, we are just four weeks away from our long-awaited return to our home base, the Ottobar, for April Armageddon (Take 2). We know you’re as excited as we are for the action to hit the canvas on Friday night, April 8, 2022, but hey, what’s more exciting? Knowing your card for the…

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