• Debut
  • Billed from
    Baltimore, MD
  • Nickname
    The Ska Ref
  • Quote
    “Stay in line or get carded!"
  • Likes
    Checkerboards, Skanking, Brass
  • Dislikes
    Country Music, Bouncers

Super Art Fight’s newest referee has inherited a monumental task of keeping the roster in line, and his questionable fashion choices aren’t stopping him. Whether in checkers or stripes, this lover of ska has been skanking since 1989, and is therefore qualified to be a fair and balanced judge of all shenanigans on the canvas. He is the keeper and wielder of the decibel reader, the creator of the Ross Sucks chant, and a master of the red card, so artists best watch their backs, because Adam will whistle foul and look good while doing it.