• Debut
    SAF Tryouts 2022
  • Billed From
    Lorton, VA
  • Quote
    "so I said 'these non-binaries taste like non-binaries!'" *laugh track*
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
    small birds (they know what they did!)

Andie Basto (they/she) started doing stand-up in DC in 2016 the day after election results were announced because they had a *lot* to say, and they’ve said and done a lot since then! In addition to producing and co-hosting a fundraising show in DC, they’ve been featured in national comedy festivals, on PBS, in the Washington Post, and on way too many podcasts. Audiences describe their stage presence as eccentric, irreverent, and unapologetic. Their viral content has been featured on Buzzfeed, HuffPost, Insider, and even Netflix. Although they’ve relocated to Baltimore, Andie remains the DMV’s favorite (non-binary/bisexual/latine) comedian. In 2022, Andie decided to audition for Super Art Fight after attending a few live shows and thinking to themselves “finally, a job I’m uniquely qualified for!”. One audition and a shopping montage full of blazers later, they made their hosting debut on the MAGfest main stage in a performance some called “pretty funny to listen to in the background while hotboxing our hotel room.”