• Debut
  • Billed From
    Baltimore, MD
  • Quote
    “Keep it on the canvas!”
  • Likes
    The way the frontman from the band Cake sings, but like, not really sings? 70's rock intros. Pie.
  • Dislikes
    The way you second guess yourself. You’re rad. You got this!

With a voice that carries like thunder cracking across the night sky, you’ll usually hear Brandon before you see him. Don’t run, his vision is based on movement. From humble trailer park beginnings he rose to a guy who sits near Marty at lunch to the prominence of Marty’s friend. That’s where his Super Art fantasy became his Super Art family. Like Chewbacca he’s fuzzy, sometimes hard to understand, handy with tools, and ready to rip someone’s arms off. The perfect best friend.