• Championships
    2x Super Art Fight Champion
  • Debut
    SAF Tryouts 2019
  • Hand
  • Hails from
  • Nickname
    One-Man Mosh Pit
  • Quote
  • Likes
    Death, Goats, Metal
  • Dislikes

In the far corner behind the bar of the Ottobar is a portal to THE PIT, and one particularly dark night DIETANIUM crawled out of it. Ordained with the sacred quest to share the unholy word of METAL, DIETANIUM set forth with her two blackest weapons, their death growl and their marker. The growl only took him so far, so with fresh corpse paint, this ghoul decided to spread the word of METAL through their other means; the marker. By calling on the foul gods of METAL and darkness, she found herself a spot on the SAF roster, and with the power of ink, DIETANIUM’s dark message can finally spread.