• Debut
    SAF Tryous 2022
  • Hand
  • Billed From
    6 Feet Under The Historical Boundaries of Philadelphia as Defined in the Consolidation Act of 1854
  • Nickname
    That Guy
  • Quote
  • Likes
    Historical accuracy, Necrotic flesh, Jeopardy
  • Dislikes
    F. Scott Fitzgerald, Comfortable silences, The Dallas Cowboys

The thing you don’t understand about how utterly wrong you all are about everything is that you don’t even have the base knowledge to begin to comprehend the cracks in your intellectual foundations. It’s my job, nay, CURSE, to crawl up through those cracks and eat your skint brains and maybe, MAYBE, impart a modicum of information about something as basic as the Second Continental Congress and the Olive Branch Petition. And if drawing objects chosen by this “rotating disk of mortality” is the only way to accomplish this task, so be it.