• Championships
    1x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
    SAF Tryouts 2019
  • Hand
  • Billed from
    Baltimore, MD
  • Nickname
    Queen of Neon
  • Quote
    "It's Party Time!"
  • Likes
    Neon, Glitter, Popcorn
  • Dislikes
    Party Poopers

WOO! Party! Like a glowstick liquid Kool-Aid Man, Rave Royale will burst her way into a show, 6-inch heel boots first. In a flash of neon that will sear your retinas and her slide-whistle blowing out your eardrums, this eternal party girl comes out swinging and will knock your socks off with her marker skills. You can count on Rave’s infectious party spirit to get the crowd into the right vibe, and to go on that wild journey to Party Central with her. WOO!