• Championships
    3x Super Art Fight Champion, 4x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
  • Hand
  • Known for
    The Tightest Pants in Super Art Fight
  • Billed From
    Somewhere in Eastern Europe
  • Team
    Sex Drive
  • Quote
    “I’m here, you’re velcome”
  • Likes
    His Legs, His Legs, His Beard, His Sparkle, Ross
  • Dislikes
    Anything outside the mirror

With legs for days, this one-of-a-kind model from some non-specific European country is also titled gentry. Ze enigmatic Baron hasn’t divulged his true origins. One thing is for certain, the audience loves their flamboyant Eastern European sex machine. Since 2008, this three-time champion, two-time tag champion, brush style devotee, glitter beard aficionado and fan favorite has been twerking his way into all of our hearts (and more importantly, loins).