• Championships
    1x Super Art Fight Champion, 1x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
    SAF Idol 2015
  • Hand
  • Billed from
    Neo-Crystal Ashburn, VA
  • Nickname
    The Champion of Love, Justice, and Glitter
  • Team
    The Fandom Menace (w/ The Fighting Fanboy)
  • Quote
    “Sugar, spice, and everything nice!”
  • Likes
    Tuxedo Matt, Donuts, Sparkles
  • Dislikes
    Injustice, Intolerance

A superhero hailing from maybe the future (?), Shoujo A-Go-Go is a Super Art Fight’s resident magical girl and champion of justice. With her partner Tuxedo Matt by her side with a healthy supply of donuts, Shoujo fights against injustice and intolerance all while celebrating self-expression, and the upcoming season premiere of RuPaul. Shoujo is a former SAF champion and hopes to take the belt back soon in order to accentuate her outfit and tap into whatever arcane magicks it holds to enhance her power.