• Championships
    1x Super Art Fight Champion, 1x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
    SAF Idol 2017
  • Hand
  • Billed from
    Chester, NJ
  • Quote
    "Raise Hell Praise Dale"
  • Likes
    Cash, Contracts, Cola
  • Dislikes
    The Wall

When you think megastar, what comes to your mind? Race car drivers, of course. Stevie Speed is one of those, and he’s the best one around. Ask your dad, he’ll tell you what’s up. Speed is a champion of his craft and a winner at all levels, and now he’s taking on the greatest competitive stage of all: Super Art Fight. Thanks to his very generous and very real sponsor, SupraCola, Speed has both the funding and the talent to become the greatest SAF champion of all time.