• Championships
    1x Super Art Fight Champion, 3x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
  • Hand
  • Hails from
    The Marianas Trench
  • Known as
    The Inexplicable Kaiju Monster
  • Team
    Gods and Monsters (w/ Wisteria)
  • Quote
    *garbled monster noises*
  • Likes
    Stomping, Roaring, Chaos
  • Dislikes
    Narrow Doorways

Carved into a deep undersea cave deep within the Marianas Trench is the following inscription: “Rawr rrrawer rawwrrawer rawr augh raugh ruagh grah geh rawgr grumpf gruh grrr augh graugh. Ruagh grroagh? Bwoorh grogh rraurh gwarh.” That’s all nonsense, of course, but Super Art Fight’s legendary kaiju champion, Stompadon, is quite proud of his handiwork. Stompadon was born eons ago from a gross squishy egg, and blossomed forth into the greatest and most universally-loved of his rare species. We speak not Stompadon’s language, and often lose scientists and explorers to the inescapable grasp of his voracious appetite, but it doesn’t stop Stompadon from being an absolute crowd favorite.