• Championships
    2x SAF Tag Champion
  • Debut
    SAF Idol 2017
  • Hand
  • Hails from
    Mt. Olympus
  • Nickname
    Naturally Dangerous
  • Team
    Gods and Monsters
  • Quote
    “Make like a tree and leaf”
  • Likes
    Plants, Stompadon, Friends
  • Dislikes
    Weed Killer

Wisteria didn’t exactly walk out of Mt Olympus, so much as she tripped over her own sandals and fell off. But that’s okay! She’s here now! And she’s made friends! Wisteria has corralled her Olympian fighting spirit in order to earn her place among the Super Art Fight roster. Since her debut, she has made many friends and has become one half of the tag team Gods and Monsters with her BFF and possibly familiar, Stompadon. Don’t let her friendly appearance fool you, like the plant named after her, she’s also full of poison. Plus her best friend is a kaiju, you’d have to be either mad or a Super Art Fighter to want to take them on.