TONIGHT: Super Art Stream, Episode 34!


TONIGHT – America’s #1 Favorite Live-Streaming Art Show*, the Super Art Stream returns for its 34th edition!

The Super Art Stream is a bi-weekly streamed hangout with your favorite SAF artists and special guests as they talk smack, draw art, and interact with YOU, the fans – (be sure to tweet, with #superartfight!)

Joining us on episode 34 – titled Do Androids Stream of Electric Sheep is awesome comic creator Monica Gallagher!

Watch live starting at 7pm Eastern via the video player embedded above, or catch it on our YouTube channel, where you can watch this – and every other one of the 33 prior Super Art Streams!


*according to a poll we just made up.
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SAF Halloween Havok UPDATE: Introducing The VIP Ticket!


With our tickets for our next Ottobar show, Super Art Fight Presents: HALLOWEEN HAVOK, going on sale later today, you may notice a new and different ticket option, something we call the VIP Ticket.

Typically, admission to Super Art Fight shows is $15.

In addition to our standard $15 ticket, we’ve decided to add a bonus ticket option. For just $20, not only do you get entrance to the show, but you get a copy of the show poster – the very same that we normally sell at our merch table.

The posters will come unsigned, but you’ll be able to have them signed by anyone – and everyone – from the show at our merch table or after the show.

We know that some of you love having a unique keepsake from the show, so we figured that we’d give a little bit extra for those willing and wanting to order a poster early.

The show poster for Halloween Havok will be designed by our own Angry Zen Master, Jamie Noguchi, so you know that this will be a poster worth keeping on your wall!

For tickets for our Halloween Havok show, coming up October 17 in Baltimore, keep your eyes locked on today, or our social media sites for the on-sale announcement!

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On Saturday Night, October 17th, more than a few things will go bump in the night, as Super Art Fight returns to The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for our first ever Halloween themed event…


That’s right, all the ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe return home to Charm City for a night full of tricks AND treats in the way that only Super Art Fight can deliver.

Four amazing bouts – a special musical guest – and SO MUCH more. It’s going to be another unforgettable evening at the Ottobar!

Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY, JULY 31 at, and the Wheel of Death? IT HUNGERS. But not for crappy-ass candy corn.

Keep it locked in to as the show gets closer for all the important details.

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DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Super Art Fight IDOL 2015 Submission Details Announced!

Here at Super Art Fight, we get an incredible opportunity to deliver to audiences around the country a unique live event that presents art – and more importantly – artists in a unique light.

On October 24th we’ll get to see the next generation of SAF talent rise, as Super Art Fight IDOL 2015 will take place in Baltimore, Maryland. Eight artists will be chosen, with one getting a full-time Super Art Fight roster spot.

That’s right – if you have the guts, if you have the gumption, if you have the drive, the opportunity is here – SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT.

We’ve seen true SAF stars develop from the SAF IDOL program, including current SAF Champ Red Erin, Captain Salsa Verde, The Lioness, and Charm City Shinobi, among others.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for the 2015 edition of SAF Idol, email with the following information

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Email
  • Website
  • SAF Persona Name

Please include with this email at least three (3) pieces of artwork, and also a description and/or sketch of your intended Super Art Fight character.

BONUS: Send us a YouTube link to a video of yourself as your Super Art Fight Persona, telling us why YOU should join the SAF Locker Room!

While we missed 2014, the 2011, 2012 and 2013 SAF Idol tournaments were some of the coolest events in Super Art Fight history, and resulted in some of the biggest names at our shows. If you’ve been in the audience of our events and said “I can do this!” – now is the time to prove it.

Please have your submissions in by Friday, August 28, 2015. GOOD LUCK!

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All Your Last Minute Details (And Schedule!) For Tonight’s SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED!


Tonight is a night that will live in infamy, as for the first time ever, Super Art Fight is proud to present a stand-alone iteration of a convention favorite, SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED!

We will be going totally uncensored at this 18+ only event, coming at you live from the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

To cover some last minute details, here’s what you need to know.

  • As of this writing, tickets are still available online, and we anticipate remaining seats to be available at the door. Pre-sales have been ramping up as the event has gotten closer, so we recommend ordering online – or arriving early – to avoid missing out! Tickets are $15 online, and will be $18 at the door.
  • Between bouts, we will be presenting amazing burlesque performances courtesy of Baltimore’s own Bawdy Shop Burlesque. It’s been a very long time since the worlds of burleseque and SAF have collided, and we’re very excited to be working with this troupe.
  • This show will be seated. Your tickets do not indicate specific seating, but seats will be available (along with a standing section in the back of the venue).
  • The show schedule for tonight is as follows:
    • 8pm Doors
    • 8:30  Show
      • SAF Pairing #1: Alex Kazanas (Captain Salsa Verde/The Dudeler) & Rob Emm (El Russo Rojo/Dijon Mustarde)
      • Burlesque Performance #1: SUNNY SIGHED & BAL’D LIGHTNING
      • Burlesque Performance #2: RUBY ROCKAFELLA
      • SAF Pairing #2: Jamie Baldwin (Miss Scribble) & Dann Malihom (Charm City Shinobi)
      • Burlesque Performance #3: DANZIG MAKLOSOV
      • Burlesque Performance #4: KAY SERA
      • SAF Pairing #3 (Main Event): Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master) & Nick DiFabbio (Ghostfreehood/MeKonga)
  • As always, the topics for an UNLEASHED Wheel of Death come courtesy of Cards Against Humanity (and are updated through the 6th Expansion). This should give an idea of the assault that’s about to hit your eyeballs.
  • NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS WILL BE ALLOWED. This is a zero-tolerance policy. SAF UNLEASHED is designed by its nature to be an uncensored, possibly offensive live event. In order to protect the performers and their vocations (and to keep the event special for those attending), there will not be any photography or videography of the event. Period.

All and all, we’re extremely excited for this show, and we hope you are too! We’ve been very, very pleased with the response, and look forward to delivering an event you’ll never forget!

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SAF To Make RICHMOND, VA Debut, September 5, 2015!


Here at Super Art Fight, we’ve had the pleasure to play many cities across the country, and make many of them our homes away from home.

On Saturday, September 5th, we hope to welcome a brand new city into our loving, art creating bosom.

We are proud to announce that we will be making our Richmond, Virginia debut, as we bring a full-on, live Super Art Fight event to STRANGE MATTER an absolutely awesome restaurant, venue, and arcade.

You can expect everything you see at the Ottobar and the Black Cat – four bouts, bonus performers, and a live show unlike ANY you’ve ever seen.

Whether you’re heading down from DC, or making the journey to see us for the first time, we intend to make this a can’t miss event you’ll remember for ages to come!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW, right here, for our standard rate of $15. See you on Saturday, September 5th for our Richmond debut!

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Super Art Stream Episode 32: Sweet Streams Are Made Of These


TONIGHT! A brand new episode of the Super Art Stream hits the web.

Wrapping up your 4th of July weekend with audio/visual fireworks, we’re happy to bring you Episode 32: Sweet Streams Are Made Of These.

Airing live at 7pm Eastern on our YouTube page and right here on, join our rotating mix of SAF Roster members for a mixture of live art and ridiculous talk as only we can bring.

Never seen the Super Art Stream before? Want to catch up on past episodes? Check out our YouTube page at

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Your SAF UNLEASHED Lineup, July 24 in Baltimore!


Three weeks from tonight, Super Art Fight UNLEASHED heads to the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland for what may be it’s ONLY stand-alone live performance ever.

We’ve promised you some incredibly filthy art, we’ve promised you amazing performances from Bawdy Shop Burlesque, and now, it’s time to unveil the pairings that will be making incredibly uncomfortable art for your horror and delight.

UNLEASHED has always been a more stripped-down show than a Super Art Fight proper, one where we pull the curtain back and bare the darkest and most ridiculous parts of ourselves.

In turn, we don’t feel as comfortable in calling these “BOUTS”, per se. Let us call them “Pairings” for now.

So, July 24th in Baltimore, Maryland, here’s who you will see tackle the canvas…

  • FIRST PAIRING: Rob Emm (El Russo Rojo) & Alex Kazanas (Captain Salsa Verde / The Dudeler)
  • SECOND PAIRING: Jamie Baldwin (Miss Scribble) & Dann Malihom (Charm City Shinobi)
  • MAIN EVENT: Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master) & Nick DiFabbio (Ghostfreehood)

That’s right, we’re putting the two creators of Super Art Fight back on one canvas together for the first time in over two years.

It’s going to be a VERY special night, and all we need is you. Grab your tickets and be ready for anything, as it will be a unique night of adult-tinged entertainment at Super Art Fight UNLEASHED.

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Connecticon 2015 Roster Revealed!


Every year, we aim to go all out for Connecticon, bringing some of our biggest names for one huge weekend in Hartford, CT.

For 2015, we keep the tradition alive with a stacked roster of talent.

Appearing on our two shows (SAF Unleashed [18+], Friday, July 10th, 6pm and Super Art Fight, Saturday, July 11th, 6pm) will be the following Super Art Fight roster members:

  • Super Art Fight Tag Champion Baron Von Sexyful
  • Ghostfreehood
  • The Commando
  • El Russo Rojo
  • Captain Salsa Verde
  • Plus, performing hosting duties, our own Ross Nover and Referee Brandon Chalmers

It’s going to be a fun and unpredictable batch of shows, where anything can AND WILL happen. We just hope you can join us live and in person.

Register for Connecticon today!

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SAF First Batch 18

There was something in the air on Saturday night.

Maybe it was the Monsoon-level storm bearing down on Washington DC, or maybe it was just a very strong wind of change, as we at Super Art Fight went TOTALLY 80’s, and at the end…we had a brand new Super Art Fight Champion.

Arguably one of the best cards ever to hit the SAF stage, it was a roller-coaster night of emotion.

Miss it? Get flooded out? Don’t worry, we have the full results for you here:

Bout 1: Miss Scribble defeated Ghostfreehood
Even with the power of Dee Snider aligned with him, the Super Art Fight co-founder Ghostfreehood found himself locked once again into an old rivalry with a former SAF champion in Miss Scribble. This one went to the wire, tied at the half and full of ups and downs for both artists, but it was an untimely respin that turned the crowd against Ghostfreehood and gave the victory to Miss Scribble.

Bout 2: The Commando defeated Mecha IMPACT
The run of the SAF Idol generation started here, as the American American himself, The Commando took down SAF Veteran Mecha IMPACT in the first ever Super Art Fight SchwartznegOFF! Bad impressions abounded in this bout, with The Commando building the first of what he hopes are many singles wins in his future.

Bout 3: The Gouachebucklers (Captain Salsa Verde & First Mate Dijon Mustarde) defeated Angry Shinobi (Angry Zen Master & Charm City Shinobi)
Tag team perfection. That’s the only way this bout could be described. Hot from the word go, the debuting Gouachebucklers took the SAF stage and the Washington DC crowd by storm with their entire pirate crew in tow! Intricate tag team tactics, amazing double teams, and action that would just not let up filled up the fastest twenty five minutes of the night. In the end, as the smoke, marker fumes, and yes – silver spray paint – cleared, the Gouachebucklers had the victory. And as Captain Salsa Verde said to the crowd right after the bout – their next treasure? The SAF Tag Titles, which they aim to take off of Team Sexyfulness.

Bout 4: Super Art Fight Championship Bout Red Erin defeats Baron Von Sexyful to become the NEW Super Art Fight Champion.
The history of Red Erin and the Baron continued in DC. We’ve seen them as the King and Queen of SAF 100. We saw them take it to the canvas during the SAF Online Invitational. And in what has to be one of the biggest upsets in SAF history, Der Komissar of Kindness, Red Erin took down double-champion Baron Von Sexyful. Red Erin is the 10th Super Art Fight Champion over all, and as she said at the end of the night – she intends to be champion for a LONG time.*

A huge thank you again to the Black Cat for hosting us, Synful Pleasure for kicking out the 1980’s jams, and you the audience who came out in absolutely horrid weather to see an incredible event.

We now set our sites on Connecticon 2015 in Hartford, CT. We’ll be back in DC before the end of the year! Promise!

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