OTAKON 2017: Date, Time, and Location Confirmed!

Hey folks! We at Super Art Fight are back with an update for our upcoming Otakon 2017 live event!

You’ve been as excited as we were that SAF is once again performing at the East Coast’s largest anime convention, and now we’re proud to announce the date, time and location for our show.

It will be…

Friday, August 11th at 9:30pm.

Of note, the show will be held in the Marriott Marquis Ballroom which seats approximately 1800 – so, uh…please tell all your friends, family, enemies, etc. to come out and pack this sucker deep, as clearly, they want to see us do big things at the convention this year, and so do we!

Keep your eyes here and on our social media as well, as we will soon announce the time for the first ever “Super Art Fight Meet & Greet”, which will be at our merchandise booth at Otakon over the course of the weekend! For the first time ever, we’ll be presenting an organized signing with all your SAF favs, so please, do come and join us!

In the meantime, spread the word! August 11th, 9:30pm, in the Marriott Marquis Ballroom for Otakon 2017!

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SWEATY BRAWLS: Tag Team Insanity Wraps Up The Card!

Last time we were in Baltimore (for BETTER THAN THE LAST TIME), we saw the debut of the Smartest Team in Art Fight, a duo powered by Science, the pairing of the upgraded Charm City Shinobi PhD and the well schooled Dr. Professor Hemoglobin MDLMNOP.

We’re happy to announce that SWEATY BRAWLS will see the scientific duo return to the Ottobar as they collide with an impromptu team that is deadly serious.

One is a magical girl who is fresh off of a SAF title attempt and looking to work her way back up the ranks. The other is silent, violent, and one grumpy old dad.



This one is going to be fun. Want to see it? You gotta come to the Ottobar. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketfly.com and moving fast!

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SWEATY BRAWLS: Former Partners Collide!

In March 2016 – a tag team took Super Art Fight by storm.

By September of that year – they were no longer together.

And on August 5th, at the Ottobar, as a part of SWEATY BRAWLS, we’ll finally get to the bottom of what happened the only way we know how – through hot-blooded Super Art Fight competition.

That’s right, it’s going to be…


Fans have wondered since The Valkyrie made her return, what would happen when she crossed paths with her former Team Thundercat team mate, The Lioness. And we will see on August 5th, as The Lioness, aka Stabby Abby, now the leader of SAF’s resident girl gang, The Bra’lers faces off with her one-time ally, one-time co-champion, and they figure out what exactly happened.

It’s sure to be an emotional throw down in Charm City. Get your tickets for this one – and stay tuned to our YouTube channel this week, as we release exclusive comments from Stabby Abby about the match!

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SWEATY BRAWLS: Tag Team Titles on the Line!

Ladies and Gentlemen, SWEATY BRAWLS at the Ottobar is quickly approaching, so we want to get the card out to you as quickly and promptly as possible – so welcome to SWEATY BRAWLS Week, where on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, we will announce one bout each morning.

Today is a match many have been looking forward to.

Super Art Fight Tag Team Title Match
BARON VON SEXYFUL & TWO DRINK ALEX (Champions) vs. THE RED MENACE (El Russo Rojo & Red Erin) (Challengers)

At BETTER THAN THE LAST TIME last March, the ever-popular Red Menace (the team of Red Erin and El Russo Rojo) earned a tag-team title shot, making them eligible to take on the tag team champions any time they wanted. They – appropriately – have chosen the venue which gave them the titles, the Ottobar to cash in their opportunity.

But before it looks like an easy victory for them, think of what stands before them: the reigning and defending SAF Tag Team Champions, Two Drink Alex and Baron Von Sexyful. Having won the titles at last September’s BRAWLTIMORE card, the hard partying duo have been undefeatable, captivating crowds with their pre-bout antics, during bout teamwork, and overall outrageousness. If this is the Red Menace’s time, they better be prepared for a fight – and a fight it will be, August 5th at SWEATY BRAWLS.

Want to join us live in Baltimore? Head to Ticketfly.com now and get your tickets so you won’t miss a minute of the action.

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SWEATY BRAWLS: Noguchi / Stormsketch II To Main Event!

Last month, Washington DC was home to Awesome Con 2017, an incredible nerd convention which also was home to an incredible Super Art Fight live event!

While the show saw the debut of SAF Idol finalist The Corrigator and the continued rise of The Bra’lers, the match everyone was talking about was the main event, pitting a non-defending Super Art Fight Champion, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi against SAF Idol 2017 runner-up, General Stormsketch.

In one of the most ridiculous, silly, and insane main events in SAF history, General Stormsketch shocked the world by having his hand raised in victory, defeating the thus far undefeatable champion, Jamie Noguchi.

With the August 5 return to the Ottobar looming in the wings, as we present Sweaty Brawls, it was clear that only one bout could headline, as we pair these two once again…and this time, THE TITLE IS ON THE LINE!

Live in Baltimore, it will be…


Will Jamie Noguchi continue his incredible third SAF championship reign? Or will the 2017 class of artists grab their first championship? Find out for yourself, live at the Ottobar on August 5th – tickets are on sale NOW!

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Super Art Fight RETURNS for OTAKON 2017

The impossible, our friends, is possible.

After a four-year period, The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe will collide with the biggest Japanese Animation convention on the East Coast.

That’s right…

Super Art Fight is an official guest of Otakon 2017.

Otakon 2017 marks the inaugural voyage of the convention at its new home, the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC, and we are excited and delighted to be performing once again in its hallowed halls.

Our 2012 and 2013 appearances are the things of legend, with fans to this day still recalling the highlights – and we intend to start a new era of memories this August.

In fact, we can tell you who will be making memories with us, as we’re proud to announce our roster, NOW!

  • Baron Von Sexyful
  • Two-Drink Alex
  • Stabby Abby
  • Red Erin
  • The Corrigator
  • Mistress Doomcannon

This is going to be a heck of a weekend, and we hope you can join us, August 11-13, as we make magic at Otakon 2017!

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All the Details and Info for CONNECTICON 2017 THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend, Super Art Fight is excited and delighted to hop into a convoy and head north for the 2017 edition of Connecticon!

Connection is one of our favorite shows every year, filled with SAF content, and this year is no exception.

We’ve got a stacked roster, a bunch of shows, and now all we need is you.

What’s the plan?

Our Roster

Super Art Fight is bringing a full roster of talent, old and new:

  • Super Art Fight Champion “The King of Brush Style” Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • Super Art Fight Tag Champion Baron Von Sexyful
  • Red Erin
  • 2017 SAF IDOL Finalist Mistress DoomCannon
  • SAF Hosts Marty Day & Ross Nover
  • SAF Referee Brandon Chalmers

Our Shows

Coming all weekend? Good news – we have shows EVERY DAY of the convention!

Friday, July 7th

  • 1:30pm-3:30pm – Super Art Fight – Special Events (CTCC Ballroom A)
  • 6:30pm-7:30pm – The Jamie Noguchi System (18+) – Unicorn (CTCC MR 27)

Saturday, July 8th

  • 4pm-6pm – Super Art Fight UNLEASHED! (18+) – Special Events (CTCC Ballroom A)

Sunday, July 9th

  • 11am-12pm – Super Art Fight: The Podcast LIVE! – Boggart (CTCC MR21)

If that wasn’t enough – we at SAF will be embarking on an adventure to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend, and we would LOVE for you to join us! Keep an eye on our social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) for more details as the weekend rolls on!

It’s the hottest weekend of the New England Summer – it’s Connecticon 2017!

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FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH: Late-Summer 2017 Edition!


We are storming into the Ottobar on August 5th for SWEATY BRAWLS, which means…it’s time to refresh the wheel with some new, dangerous topics, from YOU, our fans!

How can you contribute to our favorite topic generator? EASY! Just reply in the comments – yes, we’re telling you to READ the comments for once! – and let us know what topics you want to see on the Wheel of Death.

The topics will be analyzed and sorted, with some edited for clarity and simplicity, but YOUR topics could make it into future SAF bouts!

PROTIP: Shorter topics work better! While “Godzilla Rollerskating While Eating A Banana Split” sounds fun, it’s very creatively limiting for our artists – both you and they know what you’ll see. But with a topic like “Fish Tank”, you could get the standard interpretation, or something crazier like a goldfish heading into war!

Keep filing these comments up, you have until Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017.

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SAF Back At the Ottobar, SATURDAY AUGUST 5!

Spring and Fall. Spring and Fall. Spring and Fall.

You could set a watch to it – Super Art Fight would return to the Ottobar in the Spring and in the Fall.

Well, as we get ready to head into our big 10th Anniversary Season in 2018, and the Ottobar itself celebrates 20 years in business, we’re switching things up on you, as on SATURDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 5th we return to BALTIMORE, MARYLAND for the dog days of Summer, as we proudly present…


Blood, tears, and most importantly, sweat will be dropped at the Ottobar as we return for an amazing summer time extravaganza. The venue will be hot, and the bouts even HOTTER, as Super Art Fight once again goes insane at its home base for not one, not two, not three, but four unforgettable bouts!

Keep an eye here at SuperArtFight.com for the show card as every bout gets signed, and come back here tomorrow as we kick off submissions for the Summer 2017 WHEEL OF DEATH!

SUPER ART FIGHT: SWEATY BRAWLS coming at you live, August 5th!

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All the Details and Info for AWESOME CON 2017

This weekend, Super Art Fight is proud and excited to be a part of the 2017 edition of Washington DC’s coolest nerd culture convention, Awesome Con!

We’ve had the honor of being a part of the show since its inception, and we’re glad to be back with not just one, but two different events over the course of the weekend.

Friday Night, June 16, 2017, at 8pm, we’ll be bringing the adults-only, 18+ ridiculousness of Super Art Fight UNLEASHED to Room 150. Have your ID’s ready for that one!

Looking for something a little more accessible to the whole family? Head to Room 152 at 3:15pm for a proper Super Art Fight show.

Who’s on the card? A mix of SAF favorites, old and new:

  • Baron Von Sexyful
  • 2-Drink Alex
  • Jamie The Judge
  • Killer Colleen
  • Periwinkle the Wizard
  • The Corrugator
  • General Stormsketch
  • Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

Passes will be available at the door for the convention, and if you want to see us before or after the show, we’ll be vending all weekend long at Booth O15 (we’re near Greg Capullo!).

See you this weekend, DC!

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