Your Card For This Sunday’s AWESOME CON Appearance!

SAF Awesome 2014a

As we announced last week, this coming weekend – April 18th-20th - we are returning to be a part of the second year of the fantastic comic convention known as Awesome Con!

We’re very proud to be coming back, and even prouder to announce our card for our show (taking place Sunday, April 20th at 2:15pm, Room 201).

The card features a unique mixture of SAF Veterans, Newbies looking to make their name, and even a debut or two. Check it out!

  • The Dudeler & The Commando vs. Sketch Hero (Debut) & Doctor Destructo Dome (Character Debut, formally known as The Skribble)
  • KROD! & Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi vs. Red Erin & Alex Heberling
  • Baron Von Sexyful vs. Officer C.P. Bristol: ART COP (Lee Cherolis, Debut)

We cannot wait to see you guys this Sunday, but if you’re hanging out all weekend long, please DO come see us at our respective booths and tables!

See you this weekend, DC!

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Last year, Washington DC’s Awesome Con was one of the most enjoyable events we had the pleasure of being a part of. For a first year convention, it was well run, well attended, and evidently -you guys liked us, as not only did we fill the room to fire-marshal-worrying levels, but we were invited back.

Awesome Con 2014 is next weekend, running April 18th-20th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and we’re proud to announce our schedule for the weekend.

SAF will be attending across multiple tables all weekend long (hence the awesome infographic at the top), and our performance will be Sunday, April 20th at 2:15pm in Room 201!

Passes are currently available for the convention online here, and will be available at the convention proper.

Scheduled to appear on the show are…

  • The Dudeler
  • The Commando
  • Super Art Fight Tag Champion Baron Von Sexyful
  • Super Art Fight Co-Creator Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • SAF Idol 2013 Finalist Sketch Hero
  • KROD!
  • Red Erin
  • The debuting Doctor Destructo Dome
  • And additional artists to be announced!

We hope to see you next weekend, and if you’re coming out, please let us know over on Facebook! Share out to your friends, and give us a packed house at one of the funnest shows of the year - Awesome Con in Washington, DC!

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SAF Podcast: Episode 3 is Live, with Marty Day!

Our apologies for the delay in release of episodes, but the Super Art Fight Podcast is back today, with our guest being SAF Co-Host Marty Day.

Typically, Marty serves as the co-host for episodes, but we decided to grill him on all sorts of topics. Don’t worry, Ross will be under the microscope in a future episode as well.

Click play above to listen, or subscribe over at LibSyn! Enjoy!

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Get Ready for The Super Art Stream, This Sunday Night!

SAF Stream

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Twitter (and if you aren’t, why not?), you’ve noticed that we’ve been testing a fun, streaming YouTube show called the Super Art Stream.

We’ve done three episodes so far, and they’re a fun gathering of Super Art Fight talent as they mock each other, create live art based on Wheel of Death suggestions, and interact with YOU, the fans!

Well, we’ve officially decided that you’ll be seeing this on a regular basis, with new live airings every two weeks, on Sunday Nights, at 7pm Eastern.

This Sunday, March 30th brings about the fourth installment, and you can watch it live as it happens at our YouTube page.

If you miss it? Don’t worry, it’s archived for viewing immediately after it airs.

Come and have a great relaxing time on the web, and join us this Sunday night for another installment of the Super Art Stream!

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BEHOLD! The Roster For Our Black Cat Return On May 17th!

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Folks, we said our Black Cat return on May 17th in Washington, DC was going to be a very big event – appropriate given our debut on the main stage – but now that we have the full list of roster members appearing on the show, we can confirm this is going to be a good one!

Appearing on Saturday, May 17th will be…

  • SAF Champion STOMPADON (aka Kelsey “Killer” Wailes)
  • One half of the SAF Tag Champions, Baron Von Sexyful
  • KAIJU KRUSH (Krod & MeKonga)
  • Phil “Commando” Kahn
  • The Dudeler
  • Red Erin
  • The Charm City Shinobi, Dann Malihom
  • El Russo Rojo
  • And making his return…Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
You can get your tickets right now via Ticketfly, just $15 as always, and we’ll be announcing the full card as the event gets closer.
In the meantime, mark your calendar, and…what’s this about a “Kaiju Theme?”
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Moving On Up: Super Art Fight To Play Black Cat’s Mainstage on May 17th


In the glow of #SAF100, we at Super Art Fight had a difficult decision to make.

How do we top that show?

Following arguably one of our best ever shows, we were already looking forward to a busy Spring and Summer of conventions. But while we rocked our home city Baltimore to it’s core, what about our home away from home, Black Cat in Washington, DC?

We’re very happy to announce that on Saturday Night, May 17th, after two sold out events (and one VERY near capacity event) in the downstairs Red Room, Super Art Fight will be officially moving upstairs to the Mainstage!

That’s right, we’re going from the most important event of our careers to…playing the biggest room we’ve ever played by ourselves.

Sure, we’ve played to huge crowds at conventions, but this one is all on us.

We cannot thank the DC fans enough for helping us grow to this point, but now it’s time for the hopes to become real, and for not only us to put on our greatest DC show ever, but fans – we ask of you this – if you have friends who you’ve been talking Super Art Fight up to, if you have family who have wanted to see the show, hell, if you just know someone who looks like they should be at a Super Art Fight event…LET’S FILL THIS PLACE TO THE RAFTERS!

We’ll be announcing the full roster and card shortly, but tickets go on sale This Friday, March 21st, for our standard price of $15.

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The #SAF100 Photo Booth Photos Are LIVE!

The #SAF100 Homecoming King & Queen, Baron Von Sexyful and Red Erin

The #SAF100 Homecoming King & Queen, Baron Von Sexyful and Red Erin

As promised, the photos from our free photo booth at Super Art Fight 100 this past weekend are officially online!

You can check them out at two places!

You can see them at our repository for all photos related to Super Art Fight, on Flickr!


You can view, tag yourself, or make yourself a new profile photo over on Facebook!

Enjoy! Big thanks to Erin Surrock for running the booth all night long!

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Announced officially on stage at #SAF100, we’re proud to announce that after six amazing years that have taken us as far north as Boston, MA, as far west as Los Angeles, CA…we’ll be taking the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe….WORLDWIDE.

Later this month, we at Super Art Fight will be filming the first four episodes for SUPER ART FIGHT: THE WEB SHOW (tentative title), an attempt to bring you everything you love about our live events in a bite-sized, YouTube ready format.

These episodes will feature the first four bouts of an 8 artist, single elimination tournament, where the winner will get a shot at the Super Art Fight Title at a future independent Super Art Fight live event.

Much how you’ve spread the word to your friends, to conventions and to venues around the country, we want you to help us spread this show and help it get seen. This is a big opportunity for the world to see everything you’ve loved about us for 100 live events.

The eight artists, opening rounds, and so many more details are to be announced, but in the meantime, GET HYPE! SUPER ART FIGHT: THE WEB SHOW is COMING THIS SPRING.

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We’re Now “Award-Winning” (or, Thanks, UMBC!)


This past Friday night, as a bit of a warm up for #SAF100, and as a part of their always amazing ArtWeek, UMBC invited us bunch of jerks to put on an event for the third year in a row.

It’s always been somewhat surreal for us to bring our parade of ridiculousness to an institute of higher learning, but it got even more surreal, and incredibly awesome, as at the end of the evening, we were surprised with an award.

Pictured above is the first, and probably only, official UMBC award for being “SUPER AWESOME FRIENDS”.

UMBC, we love you guys, and we hope to be Super Awesome Friends for a very long time.

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#SAF100: Results and YOUR Reactions To Our Big Ottobar Return!

We promised a special night, and with the help of you, our amazing audience, we made it happen.  We asked you to get the word out, you did. We asked you to dress up, you did. We asked you to give us your all, and boy did you ever!

Over 350 of you absolutely slammed The Ottobar this past Saturday night, wrapping the block in anticipation as we celebrated 100 shows.  The show never once let up, with four amazing bouts, and a memorable musical appearance from The Max Levine Ensemble, who may be the first band to ever cover Weird Al on the Ottobar stage.

We cannot thank you enough for joining us live on Saturday, it was truly a night everyone in SAF will never forget.

For those who missed out – we’re sorry you couldn’t be there! But, here’s what went down.

Bout #1 Baron Von Sexyful defeated The Dudeler to be crowned SAF Homecoming King
SAF 100 kicked off with style, as the always flamboyant Baron Von Sexyful was paired off with SAF Idol 2013 Finalist The Dudeler. The show started huge as The Dudeler came out with arguably the most elaborate entrance in SAF history, complete with dancing girls and a bowling ball, but he was taken down by the Sexyful vet. This definitely will NOT be the last we see of the Dudeler.

Bout #2
 Red Erin defeated Lioness Rampant to be crowned SAF Homecoming Queen
Speaking of impressive debuts, how about Lioness Rampant? The loyal lady knight took Red Erin, a former SAF title contender, to the limit, and were it not for the .5 decibel difference, we may have seen this rookie sensation take the Homecoming crown! One of the best matches of the evening, the lady energy was in full effect at SAF 100.

Bout #3 The Charm City Shinobi, Dann Malihom & El Russo Rojo defeated KAIJU KRUSH (Krod & Mekonga)
From homecoming royalty to absolute ridiculousness. El Russo Rojo proved to be a perfect pairing for the Baltimore-based Ninja, as they took down the legendary lizard and cybernetic ape that made up Kaiju Krush. Reset the war clock – that’s two Kaijus down on the way to possible tag team gold!

Bout #4 Kelsey “Killer” Wailes, as STOMPADON defeated “The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr to retain her SAF Championship
Stepping up to the occasion, the multiple-personalities of SAF Champion Kelsey Wailes were in full effect at SAF 100. Bringing the pain to the canvas as Stompadon, she even had a SECOND Stompadon in the audience! (Seriously, we have COSPLAYERS now.)  Brandon J. Carr battled valiantly in his pursuit for a 2nd SAF title, but Wailes continues on with two successful defenses.

And now, to provide a fans eye view of the event, here is another wonderful Storify of your Tweets and Instagrams throughout the night. There’s a LOT of them, so get ready to read!

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