PHILLY: Sexy Robot Throwdown Wraps Up the Card

We promised you three big-time bouts for Super Art Fight Invades Philly on October 21st, and we’re proud to announce the 3rd bout for the evening!

A rematch from Otakon 2017, this bout pits arguably one of the most popular SAF competitors of all time versus one of the newest, as a former multi-time SAF champion and multi-time SAF tag champion battles Philadelphia’s own resident robot as it will be…


Yeah, this one is going to get real, real weird. Want to see it live? You know what you need to do – Grab your tickets now!

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PHILLY: A Message From General Stormsketch

Newly crowned Super Art Fight Champion, General Stormsketch faces his first challenger, Killer Colleen on October 21st when Super Art Fight Invades Philly.

We received a video from his sovereign nation of Cardstock, and have uploaded it to our YouTube channel for all to share.

Want to see the throw down? Grab your tickets now!

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PHILLY: Big Time One-on-One Collision Set!

At Sweaty Brawls, a changing of the guard happened for both the Super Art Fight Championship and Super Art Fight Tag Titles, radically changing the landscape of SAF in just one night.

In both instances, long-running, fan-favorite champions were ousted, to the shock and surprise of many.

On October 21st, when Super Art Fight INVADES Philly, two newly title-less artists will collide, with the intent to raise their profiles and get back on the winning track.

It will be…

”The King of Brush Style” Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi vs. Two-Drink Alex

Can the co-creator of Super Art Fight work his way back toward a record setting FOURTH SAF Championship? Or will the life of the party, Two-Drink Alex, prove that he’s worthy of solo gold?

Find out at the Boot & Saddle on October 21st. Grab your tickets today!

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PHILLY: SAF Title Throwdown Signed!

At Sweaty Brawls, General Stormsketch shocked the world, as the SAF Idol 2017 runner-up took down the epic third title reign of Jamie Noguchi, continuing an impressive rookie year, kicking off a brand new championship.

He heads to Super Art Fight INVADES Philly with his head held high, the gold around his waist, and the beginning of a new dynasty set to kick off in the City of Brotherly Love…

…only, it’s not going to be that easy.

On October 21st, General Stormsketch will have to throw down with one of SAF’s most unpredictable competitors, as the Bra’lers look to secure their first title in Super Art Fight, as Killer Colleen gets her first Super Art Fight Title Shot!

That’s right, it will be…

Super Art Fight Championship Match
General Stormsketch (Champion) vs. Killer Colleen (Challenger)

You know you want to see this. Make the trip to The Boot & Saddle, and get your tickets NOW!

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THIS WEEKEND: SAF Returns to Forest City Comic Con!

This weekend, Super Art Fight is excited and delighted to head north to Canada as we make our second appearance as a part of Forest City Comic Con.

The coolest comic convention in London, Ontario, Canada, the show is this Saturday, September 23rd, and will be home to not one, but TWO Super Art Fight events.

Both shows will happen on the Main Stage, with the first at 12:00pm and the second at 7pm, immediately following the Costume Contest!

Appearing from Super Art Fight this weekend will be:

  • “Angry Zen Master” Jamie Noguchi
  • Two-Drink Alex
  • Red Erin
  • The Valkyrie
  • And Super Art Fight Host, Marty Day!

We cannot wait to head up north again, and we look forward to seeing you THIS SATURDAY in London, Ontario!

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With our first-ever event in Philadelphia fast approaching as Super Art Fight INVADES Philly on October 21st, we wanted to make as much of an event about this debut as possible…

…so how does a giant robot parade sound?

We’re pleased to announce that we are teaming with the Box Robot Bar Crawl 3.0 on October 21st, as a group of cardboard robots travel from bar to bar, ending at The Boot & Saddle for our evenings event!

If you think that getting nice and loosened up in a robot costume is the right way to pregame a SAF event – we’ve got the event for you!

For all the details, check out the event on Facebook!

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PHILLY: Show Poster and Show Roster Revealed!

We’re getting ever closer to our stand alone debut in the City of Brotherly Love, as Super Art Fight Invades Philly on Saturday, October 21st at The Boot and Saddle!

Tickets are on sale now for this event, but we’re kicking off a slue of announcements today with the reveal of the official show poster – seen above, as illustrated by Cisco Griffin.

That poster will be available for sale at the event, and you’ll be able to get it signed by the entire roster at the show!

Speaking of the roster, we’re proud to announce the following artists will appear on the show:

  • Super Art Fight Champion General Doomsketch
  • “Angry Zen Master” Jamie Noguchi
  • Baron Von Sexyful
  • From The Bra’lers, Killer Colleen
  • Two-Drink Alex
  • And Philadelphia’s own…The Corrigator!

Of course, the show will be hosted by Marty Day and Ross Nover, and Brandon Chalmers will officiate every bout as official referee.

We’ll continue our announcements on Monday with a unique team-up for the event, and keep an eye on through the week as we will announce the entire show line-up!

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Super Art Fight INVADES Philly, October 21st!

Ladies and gentlemen, it feels like we’ve been trying forever to make this announcement, but finally, we can confirm – Super Art Fight is having our first-ever, stand alone, club show in the City of Brotherly Love.

On Saturday Night, October 21st, The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe will head north to Philadelphia, PA for an unforgettable evening of intense creative combat, like only we can provide.

An event titled, simply enough – Super Art Fight INVADES Philly, it will hold three Art Fight bouts, and emanate from The Boot & Saddle.

Since our inception in 2008, one of the cities we’ve most wanted to play is Philadelphia, and we’re incredibly excited to check this off before the end of the year.

Tickets for the 21+ only event will be sold via, and go on sale this Friday at 10am at THIS LINK.

We cannot wait for this show, and we promise an unforgettable night.

See you in October, Philly!

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SAF to Head to ESCAPE VELOCITY This September!

Since our inception in 2008, we at Super Art Fight have been blessed with playing in front of some of the coolest crowds at the coolest, nerdiest events.

Next month, we add another notch in our belt, as we join up with an incredibly rad convention unlike any we’ve been a part of before – Escape Velocity.

Taking place in Washington DC on September 1-3 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Escape Velocity is “a micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education within the context of science fiction using the fun of comic cons and fascination of science and engineering festivals”.

Sitting at the intersection of pop culture and real, honest to goodness science, we are flattered and excited to bring our trademark sense of creativity and humor to this show.

Appearing over the weekend in live bouts will be the following artists:

  • Baron Von Sexyful
  • Periwinkle the Wizard
  • The Valkyrie
  • And making her formal SAF debut, SAF Idol 2017 finalist – Hellvetica!

You can get your passes for the convention TODAY by clicking this link! Check out their website here, and plan an awesome weekend in DC with Super Art Fight and Escape Velocity!

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SWEATY BRAWLS: All the Results from This Saturday’s Crazy Show!

AHEM! SO, A THING HAPPENED… #andnew #SuperArtFight #ART #chrisjamesscott #baltimore #MD #ottobar

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This past Saturday night, we at Super Art Fight had the honor and pleasure of returning to Baltimore’s own Ottobar, in front of a (literally and figuratively) hot crowd in a steamy August night for Sweaty Brawls!

It was an intense, insane, and absolutely ridiculous night in Charm City, and if you missed it, here’s what went down.

BOUT #1: The Valkyrie defeated her former teammate Stabby Abby

The drama was felt in the Ottobar from the first bout, as the ex-tag champions collided in the same building where they first won their titles.

While The Valkyrie has the official victory, after the match, Stabby Abby lived up to her name, stabbing her opponent (and ex-best friend) in the gut with a knife. You have to believe that this is far from over!

BOUT #2: Old Man Prindiville & Shoujo-A-Go-Go defeated The Smartest Team in Art Fight (Charm City Shinobi PhD & Dr. Professor Hemoglobin MDLMNOP)

In a night of upsets, this was the first, as the “Opposites Attract” duo of the grumpy Prindiville and the magical Shoujo-A-Go-Go pulled out the victory over the fan-favorite Smartest Team in Art Fight. Chances are, this is not the last we will see of the mismatched duo!

BOUT #3: The Red Menace (El Russo Rojo & Red Erin) defeated 2 Drink Alex & Baron Von Sexyful to become the NEW Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles

The upsets continue, as the rogue Russian duo of Red Erin and El Russo Rojo rose to the top and took down the seemingly undefeatable (and always unforgettable) duo of 2 Drink Alex & Baron Von Sexyful. With nearly a year reign ended, all eyes are now on The Red Menace, and the Tag Team division has completely been shaken up!

MAIN EVENT: General Stormsketch defeated Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi to become the NEW Super Art Fight Champion

Words can barely describe the main event bout. In a night full of gimmicks, silliness and insanity, Stormsketch and Noguchi kept it on the canvas and all about the competition with an absolute barnburner of a main event. The elder statesman Noguchi’s third reign ends with the new generation of SAF artists (courtesy of the 2017 SAF Idol class) rising high and taking their first title, as General Stormsketch gets to bring the title home to the principality of Cardstock.

One must wonder, though – what about the SAF Idol 2017 winner Mistress Doomcannon? With a victory over Stormsketch in the books – is she next in line for the title? Will we see Baron Von Sexyful back in the singles world? Can 2 Drink Alex turn his tag team success into a solo championship run? It’s going to be an interesting rest of 2017 for Super Art Fight, for sure.

As always, we thank those who came out to the Ottobar this past Saturday night, and we look forward to returning to Baltimore in the near future!

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